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Due to a situation beyond the band’s control, Shawn has gone on hiatus and has requested all of his content go on hiatus as well.  This was a personal decision, not band related, and is centered around a personal relationship on which all of the new material featured here revolved around.   I will never understand why people will go to the lengths to take someone into their confidence, building a loving relationship based on trust, only as part of a possible game, (we don’t know, there have been no explanations offered).  We are aware that you will know who this involves, though the band asks for your patience and understanding at this time. We will answer your questions on this matter in due time.  We love Shawn dearly and are in hopes that this personal relationship grows stronger.

Shawn’s solo work, Films Crew tracks featured here only, and ANNONXN tracks will be available for streaming by request,  Please check back for further updates.

As of now, Aaron, Levi, and myself will keep you updated HERE Where Aaron has a basic rundown on the events that have taken place.  Working with Shawn has been an honor, he is a consummate professional, and perhaps the most thoughtful and caring person I’ve had the privilege of knowing, he made me want to become a better person,  This part of the site is sacred ground, and I am at a lack of how to keep it in the proper tone that Shawn set for it.

Andrew Self  Films Crew Band

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