Op Top 10 For 2015

Films Crew Band V Peyrony Band:  He Said It Was Nothing
Will be available again

Op Top 10 For 15

Sumac:  The Deal
Ghost B.C.:  Melliora
KEN mode:  Success
A Swarm Of The Sun:  The Rifts
Minsk: The Crash And The Draw
Torche:  Restarter
Kowloon Walled City:  Grievances
Kehlvin:  To Deny Everything That’s Mundane
Orator: III
Awake In Sleep:  Heights
Sunpocrisy:  Eyegasm, Hallelujah!
Phantom Winter:  CVLT
Black Temple:  It All Ends
Rosetta:  Quintessential Ephemora
Intronaut:  The Direction Of Last Things
i not dance:  We Are Guilty And So Are You
YANOS:  Omega
Monolord:  Vanir
Olten:  Mode
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster:  Wires/Dreams\Wires
Raum Kingdom:  Raum Kingdom
Moloken:  All Is Left To See
Becoming The Lion:  Division
Veil Of Maya:  Matriarch
Scientist:  1010II0101


KEN mode:  Blessed
Ghoat B.C.:  Cirice
Ghost B.C.  The Pendulum To The Pit
Ghost B.C.  Majestic
Coilguns:  The Archivist
Abraham:  Chasing Dragons Chasing Light
Kowloon Walled City:  Backlit
Black Temple:  Unlikely Event
Kehlvin:  To Deny Everything That’s Mundane
Intronaut:  Digital Gerrymandering
Marriages:  Skin
i not dance:  LACK
VVOVNDS:  The Whip
Chelsea Wolfe:  Iron Moon
Dig Deeper:  Moloken
Spelljammer:  Pathfinder
Windhand:  Crypt Key

Archivist:  Archivist
Anderwelt:  Schlattenlichter
Brond:  Feint
VVOVNDS:  Descending Flesh
Chelsea Wolfe:  Abyss
Marriages: Salome
Izah:  Sistere
Wovoka:  Saros
Thessa:  The Other Side MMXV
Stoned Jesus:  The Harvest



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