Op Top 10 For 2016

Op Top 10 For 2016

Close The Hatch:  Death And Resistance
Sumac: What One Becomes
RLYR:  Decoder
Meshuggah: Violent Sleep Of Reason
Alaskan:  End
Bloodiest:  Bloodiest
Bossk;  Audio Noir
Pelican:  Live At Empty Bottle
Kalpa:  Dissociation
Cult Of Luna:  Mariner
Latitudes:  Old Sunlight
RORCAL:  Creon
Lord Mantis:  Nice Teeth Whore
Coeur:  Horizons
Windmills By The Ocean:  The Gahste
Pg.Lost: Versus
Anup Sastry:  Bloom
Architects:  All Our Gods have Abandoned Us
Russian Circles:  Guidance
Pelican:  Live In Wroclaw
Pelican:  Live @Dunk!Fest


Eglise:  Eglise
Phantom Winter:  Sundown Pleasures
Mothra:  Decision Process
Amenra:  Alive
The Body:  No One Deserves Happiness
Old Man Gloom:  Mickey Rookey Live At London
Deathspell Omega: The Synarchy of Molten Bones
Omega Virus:  Weeping Earth
Textures:  Phenotype
ABBATH:  Abbath
After The Burial:  Dig Deep

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I’m leaving this secret file here for my friend Cameron to see if he can find it
It’s a Cover Track from A Films Crew Rehearsal Recording @ 17  7 years ago
Recorded & engineered by  Mark Walker @ The SoHo Loft

Editorial: Patrick Skorjanec & Bobby Leonard as A Politic Voice or Gays For Trump on Periscope, (and later Twitter) have been involved in a manipulative misinformation campaign of self-loathing and hate. They have broadcasted nightly to a largely uninformed, yet quite sizable audience of which they have demanded a lock step march and personal information, while keeping their own information carefully cloaked, this is at best hypocritical.  A point, an opinion, a fact, that disagrees with their narcissistic narrative is met with quick dismissal as from they refer to ‘The Intolerant Left’ in s barrage of berating which has been based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, and classism, failing to rationalize their own alleged sexuality in their grand schema.  Their critiques of the gay community, we understand, however as much as we disagree with it, we must acknowledge it is there for a reason, and as a minority wherein most states, sexual orientation can cost a person jobs, housing, livelihood. etc., a community as a form of protection and protest is an absolute necessity.   Patrick Skorjanec & Bobby Leonard have actively stated a discouragement of homosexuality, while they allegedly are. This is not the least of their cognitive dissonance.  They have insisted that people with multicolored hair, (or to most of us ’scene people’) are the dregs of the gay community, when in fact they aren’t part of the gay community, they are however part of the music community; who support independent music as consumers.  Patrick Skorjanec & Bobby Leonard have not only chastised this, yet called for the denial of First Amendment Rights from homosexuals and obvious music fans in some colossal act of cultural illiteracy. The social sciences they are quick to deride are the very social sciences they have indeed used to promote themselves and an authoritarian vision of some Aryan homogenization without deviance.  Dissent amongst their audience is forbidden, while failing to rationalize their’s is a country built by dissent.  Any dissent has been met with calls for online harassment or vandalism to make their point clear.  In some fever dream they have not only believed themselves to be censored by Periscope and Twitter, they have stated they have been the targets of ‘paid’ Hillary Clinton supporters, scenarios that don’t exist in the real world, though it is dangerous propaganda for their faithful audience, and more disingenuously they can site no news sources beyond conspiracy blogs.  Skorjanec’s & Leonard’s endgame is not quite clear, it simply cannot be the teen idol worship of a presidential politician who would have corrected all of their blustering. The endgame with these two is a means to their own ends.  Delete their own content as they may, the most audacious has been saved elsewhere.  As this editorial is included in my Top 10 for 2016 list, it hits several music publications and syndication services, hopefully shining a light on Patrick Skojanec & Bobby Leonard.

Patrick & Bobby, it is NOT a Democratic Republic in which we reside, it IS a Moderate Authoritarian Oligarchy.

White Nationalism must be resisted and those that promote it, held accountable. #Occupy

As Pelican came under criticism for, do donate to The ACLU, stand with Pelican, Russian Circles. and the musicians like them against authoritarianism.  Embrace independent media sources that do the heavy lifting:  The Majority Report (@majorityfm), The Intercept (@theintercept), Shadowproof (@shadowproof) for a start. None of this is normal. Delegitimize The GOP Resist.

Denver GOP Your request of content removal is denied under The First Amendment of The Constitution, defer your request to Warner Music Group UK.  Your request for an apology is absurd.

We will leave you with this however, a Films Crew Improv Track

SZ and Xen


This video clip comes from our Improvisational Sessions over the last two weeks, this being from this week after a shoot for Kenneth Cole Productions, hence; clothes, and a Santa hat. Camera on a tripod courtesy of Chris from Kenneth Cole, Aaron is in the dark due to a clothing malfunction, or lack thereof.  This clip will only be here temporarily.

This includes another improvisational track and a rehearsal video, thank you