Op Top 10 For 2016

Op Top 10 For 2016

Close The Hatch:  Death And Resistance
Sumac: What One Becomes
RLYR:  Decoder
Meshuggah: Violent Sleep Of Reason
Alaskan:  End
Bloodiest:  Bloodiest
Bossk;  Audio Noir
Pelican:  Live At Empty Bottle
Kalpa:  Dissociation
Cult Of Luna:  Mariner
Latitudes:  Old Sunlight
RORCAL:  Creon
Lord Mantis:  Nice Teeth Whore
Coeur:  Horizons
Windmills By The Ocean:  The Gahste
Pg.Lost: Versus
Anup Sastry:  Bloom
Architects:  All Our Gods have Abandoned Us
Russian Circles:  Guidance
Pelican:  Live In Wroclaw
Pelican:  Live @Dunk!Fest


Eglise:  Eglise
Phantom Winter:  Sundown Pleasures
Mothra:  Decision Process
Amenra:  Alive
The Body:  No One Deserves Happiness
Old Man Gloom:  Mickey Rookey Live At London
Deathspell Omega: The Synarchy of Molten Bones
Omega Virus:  Weeping Earth
Textures:  Phenotype
ABBATH:  Abbath
After The Burial:  Dig Deep


SZ and Xen