I received a message tonight, abruptly letting me know where I stand within the scheme of things in situations I presumed to be secure, I stand nowhere, I was really no one, cementing my status as a novelty. When without consent, one is inserted into two other’s psychodrama, the outcome is not favorable to the one inserted in the middle, their character will be maligned, their lack of importance made clear, as it is nothing other than manipulation at another’s expense.  I can at least keep my promises, if I have to from a distance.  I have always meant the words I’ve said.  Now knowing my place, I won’t intrude, I’ve never expected anything in return, no need for explanations, as they will come from the same foundation from which some sort of falsehood was built on.  Denial is the betrayal with the broadest shoulders.

We are previewing some Films Crew tracks recently recorded in unfinished form, they all deal with stigmas. I would like to thank Andrew, Aaron, and especially Christopher, who was the inspiration and gave life to these tracks, and did to me as well.  What we do is unnatural, it has had it’s affects on me and my relationships, especially the one I’ve held most dear, which I’ve had no rights to which claim.  As I’ve learned more each day, that I am nothing more than a tool in the hands of others whims.  This track is a reflection on how precarious that situation is, no one is forever no matter their words to the contrary, no one means what they say, their words are variations truths they wish you to perceive that have no basis in reality, as their’s is an unclear agenda meant to keep one guessing to its intent while hanging by a thread.  As I’ve said before; All we have is this moment.

Stigmatized: Syndrome

I swim…  motions from prospect realities…  I dream… Silk touch… Silence…
Flying over the essence…  I’m alive..
All we’ve got is this moment

Dark… Away…   Are we lying to ourselves with illusions?  Clear mind, feel now, smiling…
There is no time… Crying…
I’m alive
All we’ve got is this moment

The finish… Diving… The limits of… Ice… Embrace in front of us.
Inside crumble…   Dead or so…
All we’ve got is this moment

See Op EXILE for a further understanding

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