SZ  My name is Shawn, What’s yours?
shawnzone for christopher p reyher filmscrewband

I’m leaving this secret file here for someone special I know, to see if he can find it
It’s a Cover Track from A Films Crew Rehearsal Recording @ 17  8 years ago
Recorded & engineered by  Mark Walker @ The SoHo Loft


We will leave you with this however, a Films Crew + ANNONXN  Improv Track


This video clip comes from our Improvisational Sessions over the last two weeks, this being from this week after a shoot for Kenneth Cole Productions, hence; clothes, and a Santa hat. Camera on a tripod courtesy of Chris from Kenneth Cole, Aaron is in the dark due to a clothing malfunction, or lack thereof.  This clip will only be here temporarily.

This includes another improvisational track and a rehearsal video, thank you