The Post Election world is managing to normalize the results and the consequences of the Presidential Election, and seem to be willing to accept their collective fates.  The spirit of protest is fading and that is disturbing on so many levels.  While people are distracted by their sophomoric arguments regarding The Second Amendment, they fail to realize nothing is happening to The Second Amendment, it will always be easier to procure a firearm than it ever will be to procure car, computer, a FaceBook account, or a phone, (and there are those who think a firearm is more important than their sole means of communication; unwise priorities).  These are the very individuals that would inevitably have their well armed militia swept up by The Department of Homeland Security, in other words the banal rhetoric of these patriots would only prove to be laughably futile in their Constitutionally Amended and ironic attempted coup to save The Constitution.  Their inherent love of The NRA is baffling, as these rebels without a clue fail to realize The NRA gladly takes their money, (they’d love more), and it must be falling on deaf ears that The NRA is Lobbying Group for The Defense Industry, the same authoritarian bureaucracy that these militia types are hoping to overthrow.  This very same group of people claims to support law enforcement but, there’s another great irony with that claim.  Law enforcement has to expend too many resources picking up after the gun accidents and keeping an eye on this spirited group of self-defenders, so by their own standards they don’t support or respect law enforcement, they tax law enforcement. No one is coming for their guns, yet this misguided pseudo-neurosis continues when there are more important concerns at hand.  You are losing your First Amendment and in this bizarre zeal to have a reality show star as president, you will become ill, requiring care that will be nonexistent, and penniless.

This zealotry extended to voting on a platform of White Nationalism, this as well is becoming normalized, as purely idiotic as it is. While White Nationalism is being expressed as a First Amendment issue, as a tool to suppress The First Amendment to other races, cultures, and women.  The White Nationalists know immigrants did not come steal their job opportunities out from under them, it’a the fear that one day it could happen, the question is, on what day would that be?  The White Patriarchy would never let that happen in the first place, and these were menial labor jobs that White Nationalists simply don’t do or have regard for.  Some parts of the country have a fever pitched racist scream, fortunately most White Nationalists don’t live in The Real America where the actual population is, however they are now feeling brave enough within our cities to just creep out a bit, and that is something that can’t be normalized: our cities rely on their multiculturalism to function.  It is interesting that The White Nationalists feel emboldened in this incestuous camaraderie with a president elect who could in reality care less about the unwashed masses, and could never relate to even an upper middle-class existence. He is a preening diva of an aged man coming from aged money. from aged bigotry. hardened by narcissism.  To The White Nationalists, The Blue Collar Devotionalists, you were sold out by him before he ever considered a presidential run.  The cognitive dissonance is stunning, considering that the labor for a labor force to maintain will never return, those with any power in that situation saw the problem of a work force have no intention of letting a it return, it’s not in their economic plan, the power brokers are the predators of the worker and the consumer.  Automation builds cars, electronics, and assists farming far more efficiently and much more precisely than a human is capable of, being so much more profitable than employing a human.  Small business?, what small businesses?  The stripping away of regulatory powers that allow corporations to merge and buy out other businesses regardless of conflict of interest or skirting monopoly laws.  There is no small business, there is failure, and there are individuals in business.  There is no separation between economics and politics and there never has been.  There is no middle class, it won’t come back, there is no wealth waiting for the commoner.  The precursors to present day White Nationalists and their ilk, put people in power that they knew on some instinctive level were against their own best interests, and keep doing so because of a belief in political theatre pandering to their prejudices.

The illusion of a First or Second Amendment is what the White Nationalists have, it’s no secret that this imaginary militia doesn’t rise, it only complains, and there’s a limit on that complaining, as soon as it annoys someone in power it’s silenced.  Still they cling to the delusional belief that an out of touch and unbalanced alleged billionaire will undoubtedly save them.  They want to build walls, they see terrorists behind every bush, when there is absolutely no possible universe in which an apocalyptic death cult of middle-easterners wanting to live in the 11th century could have any power over American laziness and conspicuous consumerism, the caliphate couldn’t survive in this country due to the human nature of being greedy and gluttonous. The most disingenuous of these conspiracy chasers are alleged Gays who are Republican. A Gay Republican is an oxymoron, add some White Nationism to that toxicity of deeply closeted men in that party, they are the ones who will throw gays off of rooftops. The Republican Party’s stance on Gays is very clear, reparative therapy is supported, gay marriage, or homosexuality at all is not. Hence you cannot have Gays for Trump in a party whose mission it is to end gay existence.  Straight people cannot and will not ever understand that there are still struggles in being gay, without the ever looming threat that the Republican Party is by their own platform trying to take away any and all Gay Rights. It is a First Amendment issue, it is a Human Rights issue.  There may be, at an outside chance of the token Gay Republican voter, but there are no Gays for Trump, at least not in actuality gay, so it’s safe to assume there are some comedians on the internet in situationist roles as gay characters.  Gay men in this country will always choose the path of least resistance politically, White Nationalism and The Republican Party Platform is not the path of least resistance for Gay Americans, they know who their allies are and have a long vindictive memory concerning those who have oppressed them and have made sure Gay Americans are not in any way equal people, i.e. The Republican Party.

White Nationalism, aka The Alt-Right emerged from some dark corners of the internet.  Gamer-gate propelled this into uncohesive movement of trolling, misogynists, mens rights activists, anti-gay activists, racists, and xenophobics who have used the internet as their platform for ‘Free Speech’.  In this truly bizarre realm they sound as if they are an actual impressively sized movement, which is not the case, their movement is in constant disagreement, they are loud and repetitive.  Yet, this behavior is becoming normalized, and it’s unacceptable behavior who glommed on to a presidential candidate to become nihilists.  The concept of this White Nationalism being on the internet and that is where it will stay is deeply flawed reasoning, the internet bleeds into real life and feeds other forms of media, and finally to the streets.  The hate crimes of racial and cultural violence and vandalism to people going about their daily lives is real, by a tribe of delusional malcontents who feel they have a mandate to commit violence due to the president elect.  This is the polar opposite of what normally happens with the internet, where people make promises, say they will do something, say they love you, with no intention of following through on anything, it’s true your internet friends don’t love you, they’re interest is in cultivating a curated persona for themselves to be adored.

The White Nationalists on the other hand have made good with their promises aka threats online and bring them to the analog world. Unlike your internet friends who will ghost you at the first opportunity, the White Nationalists want to stay right square in your space to welcome you to the fold of stupendously fictional libertarian economics, thoroughly debunked studies and conspiracy theories, and this obscene notion that the fittest in society should survive, while the weak or ill should in fact meet their fate and die off in pain.  Ironically, the White Nationalists aren’t exactly the picture of health, and are probably benefitting from The Affordable Healthcare Act without knowing it, even though they claim it’s communism or socialism.  The harsh reality being that the policies they are supporting will leave them penniless during an illness, moreover these policies would drive physicians out of practice.  With the White Nationalists getting more media attention, they are becoming normalized into the mainstream by media personalities banking on ratings and ad revenue clicks in viscous circle of capitalism and hate. The White Nationalists have no clue that media outlets are selling their alleged purism out.

Not only should the president elect be protested, and the protests should never stop or lose steam, the White Nationalists should be protested as well.  Debating or trying to reason with them is of course amusing, but the act of amusement is a normalizing act, when they should be debated on their psychiatric history and why aren’t they taking their medication.  They should be debated about their deep seated neuroses, the traumatic experiences that brought them to such extreme irrational beliefs, and their self-imposed exile into the closet.

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