There are too few people of whom I would give in to demands to. Christopher is one of those people.  I love him, it’s something that hurts, as it’s unlikely he will have me in his life.  I have to learn to live with that.  It has to be understood that I will always support him, I will always be there for him, I am his, as this was something I offered unconditionally.  The only thing we are actually have, is the present, right now, you and I, and this moment will never be again. What would you change to make it the best moment in memory before it’s gone.  Because there really is just, right now, before it’s gone.


Understand that I am not yours’ to use.  Understand the new music here, I couldn’t have done without Chris in my soul.  Understand that I will give him every opportunity that I have at my disposal to give in order for him to have a voice.  Question me all you wish, my sexuality, my politics, my aesthetic.  Understand it stops with me, it will not extend to the ones I love, or legal steps will be taken by my management.  I am in far too much pain to deal with you directly, nor would I, and that pain is something you have no privilege to.


Forget My Name

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