christopher reyher there is a fire where you are going

The last 48 hours.  My personal data was requested by our management’s legal service and the band, I had no choice but to surrender.  This occurred due to the fact that I had been manipulated by the closest person to me, he calls me his boyfriend, he maintains that he loves me like no other, he wants to live with me, he has wanted to marry me.  I love Chris.  He insists that I am not a novelty to him, but his actions indicate otherwise.  I’ve not slept in these 48 hours, although I am sure that Chris has, due to his lack of conscience.  Chris says he will explain everything to me, of what he can explain, of the truth, as he sees the truth.  Chris blocked my phone. He has probably blocked Aaron’s phone.  All because he feels above dealing with the consequences of what he has done, he doesn’t want to except responsibility for his actions.  This sentiment will be reinforced by Krista Kumpf his age inappropriate girlfriend, who had blocked me and the rest of the band on social media, while accusing Aaron of engaging in “High school dramas”, rattling off homophobic comments.  Krista Kumpf went to a great deal of effort to try to know my personal details, only to engage in some manipulative high school drama herself.  Chris always maintained that she was unstable, a pathological liar, that she needed professional help, that she was suicidal, etc.  I have no recourse for my grievances with her, however Levi feels the need to push back.  I’m not stopping him.  I’ll encourage him, just as Krista encouraged Chris to make a mockery of me, to lie, to abuse, to attempt to isolate, to maintain a fraud.  However Chris chooses his actions, this is all his doing, purposefully.  Chris tells me he acts impetuously knowing the risks, he is willing to risk me.  This indicates a complete lack of empathy, which Chris displays frequently.  Chris is in my heart.  Chris has no empathy when he puts others at risk, he feels it is deserved.  Chris feels it necessary to punish me on a whim, to leave me hanging, to desert, to turn his back only to stab mine.  I am not just a novelty to Chris, I am a lab experiment.  Chris will blame this on me, even though this is of Chris’ creation, of which I am a victim.  Chris likes drama.

Chris insisted I take out a restraining order against Daniel.  Chris maintained Daniel was stalking me.  Daniel’s origins were unclear, I still don’t understand them.  Chris demanded that I have no contact with Daniel, while Chris had contact with Krista Kumpf, as age inappropriate as that is.  Chris maintained Daniel was a threat.  Daniel knew Chris’ actual identity.  Daniel was aware of Chris’ deception since October, something Daniel thought important, I do not  agree.  Chris was aware that Daniel knew of this deception.  The deception of Chris’ identity never mattered to me, Chris’ other deceptions do.  I have spoken to Daniel in the last 48 hours.  Daniel maintains a west coast attorney in charge of his trust, who is a source of many frustrations, tipped him off.  Chris likes money, Chis likes that I have money.  Daniel is a gray hat hacker with a black metal band, an author of fiction.  Daniel is conflicted about what his sexuality means, he is not in denial of it like Chris.  Daniel claims he was trying to send a message to Chris, this message garnered him page views he never dreamed of.  Daniel at cross purposes wanted to promote his band by these means.  Daniel was a threat to Chris’ wanton identity swindle, not to me.  Daniel came clean, he explained himself, he handed over his data, all obtained legally through Google loopholes.  Daniel confessed to obtaining access to this website, he will try to refrain from this in the future, I don’t believe him.  Daniel’s other claims are unsubstantiated, I can’t comment on them.  Daniel is on the autism spectrum, high functioning.  Daniel wanted a relationship with me, he understands I love Chris.  Daniel has found the exploitable flaws in Periscope’s code, he admitted to tracking Chris’ activity after being trolled by him.  Daniel’s high functioning autism has given him the gift to interact with aspects of the internet like a preternatural ghost.  Daniel when you read this know that I don’t agree with anything you’ve done, and that it’s already too late, I do love Chris.  Daniel has reason to believe Chris will try to file a restraining order against me, I have never pursued Chris in any way, he pursued me, if I have to make records of that public, they will be made public, the choice isn’t mine any longer.

Chris makes all the rules between us, Chris likes to make rules, example the rule that Chris’ family doesn’t know of my existence in Chris’ life, this is going to change.  Chris knows my addresses in two cities, Chris knows all my personal details.  Chris likes everyone’s personal details and has an excellent memory.  Chris never told me his name.  Chris likes to lie, particularly to me.  I love Chris.  I trust Chris.  Chris doesn’t like me to speak about myself to outsiders, to him it’s only the inner circle.  Chris likes the size of my cock, Chris likes me nude, he likes nude pictures of me. Chris has lots of secrets, I am Chris’ secret.  I am Chris’ novelty, Chris plays with me at his convenience, Chris demands my obedience.  Chris is always in my heart.  Chris says he has no choice but to hurt me.  Chris says I should hate him, but I love him unconditionally.  Chris doesn’t want to explain why he hurts me.  Chris says he’ll tell me the truth and I can judge from there.  Chris doesn’t know what the truth is, I am Chris’ lie.

Chris likes to confront people from the comfort of Periscope, Chris has many accounts.  Chris can’t be confronted, he runs from it and blames me for confronting him.  Chris has an enormous ego which needs constant gratification.  Chris is demanding, but nothing can be demanded of him, those are the rules.  Chris doesn’t want to explain what he’s done to me.  I don’t need an explanation that I never knew Chris’ name, I don’t care, I love Chris regardless.  Chris still doesn’t want to explain what he has done to me, Chris will blame me for his actions.  Chris says he loves me, he says he really means it.  Chris has abused me, I must have done something wrong.  Chris doesn’t want to explain why I feel pain at his expense.  Chris has lots of excuses.  Chris is the picture of mental health.  Chris won’t read this, Chris doesn’t care enough.  I’ve learned from Chris.  Chris’ actions towards me and his refusal to explain have made me become very unpredictable.  Chris doesn’t know where I am, Chris won’t like where I am.  I love Chris.  I don’t know if anything is real with Chris.  Chris says he loves me.  Chris won’t explain to me what he has done to me.  Chris will lie about me, Chris will say I’m unstable, Chris says everyone who confronts him is unstable.  Still I love Chris, I will sacrifice for Chris, I am Chris’ sacrificial lamb.  I want Chris to explain but he is afraid.  Chris promised he would always be there for me, but Chris is hiding.  Chris blocked my number, he will block my social media.  Chris says I am in his heart. When Chris explains it will be too late, he will have burned that bridge, make excuses, deny that we shared anything, it’s a pattern in his life. Chris won’t call or text, he said he would and blocked my phone. I’ll be gone, he wants me gone.  I do everything Chris wants me to.  Chris wants me to die.  Chris always gets what he wants from me, because I love him unconditionally.

Coordinates  41°56.6112′N 87°39.24612′W

Mark Walker or Shawn Walker, does it matter if the state of existence will be the same.

My sister in law is insisting charges be pressed, I am trying to stop her
The Band’s Statement is HERE

Crying To Crisis Preview Alternative Mix For Chris

Document updated 9-14 by Jay (Graphic)

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