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Op Crisis

There are somethings I can’t express appropriately without causing a certain amount of discomfort, this is never intentional.  I can’t properly express what you mean to me, I’ve been difficult for you, I understand this, but above all else understand … Continue reading


I received a message tonight, abruptly letting me know where I stand within the scheme of things in situations I presumed to be secure, I stand nowhere, I was really no one, cementing my status as a novelty. When without consent, one … Continue reading


We have a new section of our site by Christopher Reyher, which will be featuring Political and Policy Editorials, or whatever he pleases.  We are fortunate to have him.  As a personal side note, I love him, he is someone … Continue reading


There are too few people of whom I would give in to demands to. Christopher is one of those people.  I love him, it’s something that hurts, as it’s unlikely he will have me in his life.  I have to … Continue reading


It’s problematic to address personal issues here, as this was never meant to be a designated space for such, nor would it have ever seemed appropriate to.  However push sometimes comes to shove, where such topics must be addressed in … Continue reading