Website Shawn Zone Dot Org

The Domain or Website; Shawn Zone dot Org
Is the Official Website of
Shawn Zone Walker (Recording Artist, Multi-media Artist)
Aaron Housos (Recording Artist)
Levi Wall (Recording Artist)
Kurt Vogl (Recording Artist)
Nathan Nevitt (Artist, Writer, Website Administrator)

Recording, Performance, and Multi-media Projects:
Films Crew (Band)
Peryrony Project (Recording Project)
Abandoned Halos (Recording Project)
Miscellaneous Films Productions Projects

Associate Recording and Multi-media Artists:
Aaron Housos James | Levi .D. Wall | Kurt Vogl | Chris Sweeney | Jay Nein | Justin Astronaut | (Official)
Nik Turner  | Predator Band (Levi Wall)
(Unofficial defined as consent of representation is agreed to by label, management, etc)

Shawn Zone dot Org is owned by Films Productions L.L.P. (Shawn Zone Walker) and
Principle share holder is not Nathan Nevitt. Controlling interest: Debatable.
as approved by Chappell (WMG),  The Family, and Management. (after Nathan Nevitt pursued and proposed to Shawn a second or third time, (with interests and parity held by Aaron Housos James and Christopher P Reyher), Audio Control interests (streamed)  by Chappell (WMG).  See Site Submission HTML and Site Submission Text

The Redesign of the site is based on separate CMS (Content Management Systems), (Sections), using WPMU, Static HTML, and AJAX, (first phase of redesign Nov)
They are as follows:

Coincidental Events (Updates)
Original Index (Site Guide)
Coincidental Wiki (This section)
Coincidental Notes (Nathan and Shawn)
Coincidental Images (Art and Photography Galleries)
Site Submission

Purposely laid out as a maze, navigated by glyphs, the site has received design and content awards yearly.  Coincidental Events (Updates) reaches as of Sept almost 40k subscribers, surpassing the 47K mark within 2 weeks.  Controversy sprung up around Web Celebrity Aaron Housos causing the Site and the Artists associated with undo duress, with the highjacking of the ‘info at this domain’ e-mail address. The Artists who are loosely connected remained silent over these incidents regarding Aaron.

Legal and Terms of Service links
Are posted in every section and every static page

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