Webmaster Jay Nein

Jay Nein (Webmaster)

Jay put shawn zone dot org online as his portfolio web project during the formation of Films Crew (Band) as a school project.  He does not disclose his design company due to promotional ethics.

Jay was most recently fired by Nathan Nevitt, which was met with resistance. Jay was originally fired by Aaron over a disagreement, (However the two always had an amicable relationship), The site fell into 2 other design companies hands, which Jay is still cleaning up after, since he was asked to return.  Up to the end of 2014 Jay had to deal with attacks on and about the site due to some libelous bloggers surrounding a web controversy dealing with Aaron, as well as the Nathan Nevitt controversies, and a recent breach by a political organization.  Jay does not normally meet with the members of the bands or projects, despite having been included in some band demos and experiments, and despite having an ongoing relationship with Aaron, (who usually lives with Jay). He usually relies only on file transfers and assembles them.  Jay has described himself as somewhat anti-social, and definitely anti-social media.  Since the 11-25-16 breach Jay is finishing revamping or rebuilding the site.

Jay eventually came to terms with the sprawling nature of Films Crew Band (Collective) dividing the site into sections:

A section for political and policy analyst Cameron

A Section for Shawn, who has never written for the site before

The main section for band updates and miscellany.

The Wiki for Films Crew Band (Collective) Personnel and related projects
which the band’s personnel have no access to, it is kept up by label and management resources.

Last website revisions redesign for Films Crew Band (Collective)
Consisting of re-opening Coincidental Events 
Creating A CMS Gallery for Nathan Nevitt’s Art, Coincidental Exposure
in 2012 jay implemented another redesign with a Site Map
Jay departed on vacation, recent documents revealed that Nevitt had fired Jay.
Jay remained on leave until June of this year
Anonymous now maintains the site
Jay’s protest to the visual inconsistency with site’s Wiki is noted, he has no access to it.

Rory  11-27
Anonymous 7-14
Anonymous 4 -12
Zagata 11-07