Nik Turner

Nik Turner

Acting as Fill in for Levi (on hiatus)
Formerly of Hydra Head’s roster as session recording and live musician, and voice.  Attempting a startup independent label of his own, (Yet to be named).

Multi-instrumentalist:  Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Sound design, Percussion, Programming.

Nik Turner (Manipulator – Hydra Head), was recruited by the label to fill in for Levi during his hiatus.  He has made contributions to Denial Project, known as Peyrony
Has made live and recorded contributions to ANNONXN, although considers ANNONXN to be Shawn’s collaborative project, which has just found its own place, relative to Nathan Nevitt

Nik has the distinction of declaring to be the first straight person to be directly involved in the personnel line up. (Needs clarification, if now true).  And the becoming estranged
brother of Aaron Turner.  As of October shoring off his hair.

Nik has endorsed both Fender and Musicman basses.