Aaron Housos James

Aaron Housos James co-founder Films Crew (Band)

Instruments:  Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Voice, Sound design, Photography

Films Crew Band
Peyrony Band
Abandoned Halos
Abandoned Acoustics
Solo Project:  Synopsis Misfire  (The Aaronic Order)

Aaron Housos James co-founded Films Crew Band with Shawn Zone out of the Abandoned Halos project. Levi Wall started collaborating immediately there after.  At this time Aaron had more than a committed business partnership with Shawn, their vision brought Films Crew Collective into a multi-faceted gay collective of post metal.  During this time they were carving themselves out as design and photo – video teams while building a music production and astroglide team.    A web controversy concerning certain allegations regarding Aaron caused Films Crew Band + Collective to conduct ‘affairs’  quietly in support of Aaron’s homosexuality, eventually the strain of the allegations concerning Aaron did not desire to put his partners’ reputations at risk, as of yet their had been no accountability of responsibility from the parties responsible, until they eventually confessed publicly.   During the recordings for Films Crew’s Socratic, other percussionists were used over with some Aaron’s original tracks, Chris Sweeney, Logan Harris, Tim Brock, and Kurt Vogl, only to have Aaron re-track most of them.  During subsequent recordings the name Aaron was left in place due to his contractual obligations, whomever the percussionist in the collective happened to be, (and thusly credited), in effect; Aaron is a founder and member of Films Crew Band + Collective, owning a percentage of the parent productions company.  Aaron is constantly fully booked as a session drummer.

Aaron uses both digital and analog drum kits, as well as hybrid kits.  His choice for digital is Mandela.  For analog he frequently mixes DW and Gretch, amongst others.  Most often with Films Productions projects analog kits are fitted with MIDI triggered heads outbound into a MacBook Pro or Mac Pro into Logic Software.  Aaron’s favorite guitar seems to be a Gretch Jet Pro Solid Body, though frequently uses Custom Shop Telecasters or something out of Shawn’s collection.

Synopsis Misfire (The Aaronic Order):  Aaron  solo
Explores Aaron’s ability on all instruments in a Post-Doom/ post-Metal genre and provocative photography.

FilmsCrewBand + Peyrony: He Said It Was Nothing (a 43 minute collaboration) features Aaron on percussion and soundscapes. A 23 minute edit version, as well as Synopsis Misfire can be found on the MEDIA PAGE.

With Films Crew Collective:  Aaron owns a share of Films Productions and this site, which he has full access to.

Aaron’s Pages

Controversies:: An unknown blogger; Victoria Conwell, (trying to make a name for themselves) in an attempt at unwarranted self-importance (like Sarah Palin), began a dramatic effort to extort the collective members due to some alleged action taken by Aaron, which would have been an impossible occurrence.  Conwell’s erroneous claims may have amused 4Chan, however Conwell never had Aaron’s proper surname, not realizing he had basically been an orphan.  Conwell later attempted to name Aaron’s band as part of her effort to engage in this conspiracy, claiming to have a relationship with Films Crew Collective, who never knew of Conwell’s existence until Conwell’s campaign cost Films Crew Band + Collective sizable amounts of revenue, though chose to stand by Aaron (who has no surname and yet is that Aaron, therefore must deny the fact that he is (We are all Aaron Housos James Solidarity!). Nothing is known about Conwell to the rest of Films Crew Collective, Aaron being the only member to possibly have had contact with the blogger, never did.

“What can I do to make you come back??? Please Shawn, please! (you have touched me deeper than I knew possible) I Love Aaron” “People outside of this band, like to come in and manipulate us, no more strays”. Quotes Aaron Housos James

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