– Skip Walker

Additional Personnel to Films Crew (Band and Collective), Project (Band), Peyrony Project, Predator (Band), Abandoned Halos (Band), Abandoned Acoustics

Former Projects: Key (Band), Unfaithful Devices (Band), Fields (Band)

Guitars, Basses, Sound Design, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Voice, Engineering, Production, Conceptualist, Found Sound, Composer, Media Consultant, Artist, (Analog and Digital), Instrument Design, Activist.

Skip Walker: (quote), “Obviously the Walker name denotes a family relation”.
Skip had been a key background and support figure in the Fields days before Films Crew, earning the monicker ‘Key’, later to name a recording project under that.  Skip Walker found himself in the position of opting to keep ongoing operations of The Films Crew Collective, including Films Crew Band and accompanying projects in Shawn’s unfortunate absence.  Skip has enjoyed his anonymity, and is trying to find a compromise in that.

“A Films Crew Collective reassessment was in the works, as it never started as one band or one theme, Shawn’s vision of a mesh collective in loose knit terms was brilliant, our interests vary to great degrees”, (quote, Skip).

Skip’s involvement with Peyrony was immediate as Shawn had laid out two directions for the project to take at the behest of an Abercrombie  & Fitch marketing director, turning the table in the third direction to post-sludge-metal, baffling A&F as the test market preview shows preferred it, (according the projects members, it was something Nevitt was pushing for, i.e. minimalist techno and A&F thought their was a flaw in the subjects of their test market shows, also according to project members, it was a successful culture-jamming venture, there was never any intention to take part in a marketing campaign).

Skip has described Peyrony as the most important development in Films Crew, saying that is was Shawn’s rejection of musical and artistic attitudes in part to grow in further directions and benefit the other projects.  According to Skip, Shawn came from that musical and artistic place, it was past time to bring it to the forefront.

Skip helped piece together the remaining tracks for Films Crews second release, Collective Synopsis, Skip and the other contributors were confused with return of the mastered tracks, the mastering will be done by Chris Sweeney and and the duo of Matt and Aaron.  Skip helped the new Peyrony recording at the beginning of Occupy Wall Street, while involved with it, wanted it to be a backdrop experience for the recording, most of the tracks had been written by Shawn previously.

Skip, like the other Walker is a progressive activist, having already been a part of the N0H8 and Purple Ribbon Campaigns, most recently Occupy Wall Street, particularly in media.  He is not a social networker, despite the Films Crew Band Twitter. He explained he had high hopes for The Diaspora Network. Skip is also an ardent support of Anonymous.

Musical influences cited:  Tool, Isis, Pelican,

Gear:  cites Shawn’s two Dillon Firebirds, Yamaha Signature Telecaster, two custom built Fender Telecasters, a Parker Fly,
(it is noted that Skip is pooling from Shawn’s gear pool)


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