Levi D.Wall

Levi D Wall was recruited to be Films Crew (Band) live bassist shortly after Films Crew was formed, although was not included in the original contract, (added as an option under Films Productions contract).

Instruments:  Bass, Additional Voice, Guitar, Synths, Percussion, Sound design.

Films Crew
ANNONXN (First Incarnation)
Abandoned Halos

In addition, has provided video and animation for the site,
as support for the webmaster,  and video for live performance. Many video projects have been a collaboration with Shawn. The two were childhood friends.

Levi has also contributed to ANNONXN and heavily to the website.  ANNONXN  put aside by Levi so that Shawn could find out how to assemble the variety of niches they had covered into a single voice, which has been accomplished.  Nathan Nevitt laid claim to being that voice.

Levi takes many hiatuses, Levi always returns from a hiatus within a month.

Levi’s first hiatus stems from the drama that suddenly sprang up around Films Crew due to Aaron, that no one has taken responsibility for, (which Aaron did take full responsibility for).  Secondly, another round of incidents concerning a contributor to the site which no one has taken responsibility for.  Levi likes people to take responsibility for their actions.

In the event of an absence of a Films Crew member, Levi is equipped to fill any role, including the forefront, and has been heavily involved in all aspects of the project, even though dismissed from the Films Crew and ANNONXN Projects by Nathan Nevitt.  In this (as Levi felt), an interference in his professional and personal life, as a contingency plan on 19 Nov, under Shawn’s (not Nathan’s) percentage control of Films Productions filed petition, forming a new productions company under Films Productions with Shawn as co-signatory.  Extreme Music Productions.

Extreme Music Productions was borne out of Levi’s frustration concerning Nathan Nevitt’s claimed percentage of  ownership, (always disputed, never based in any factual agreement}, in Films Productions, and a concern over suspicions  that Nevitt could and assume control, (which can’t occur), as Levi believed, in a fraudulent manner.  Extreme Music had immediate delivery of music beds and abstracts for Logo TV upon launch, from all Films Productions projects except ANNONXN, (as to exclude any ownership, even implied by Nevitt, or his family).  Extreme Productions, according to Levi, is Films Productions “Safety net from predators”.

Levi is currently working on a film and editing video for Films Crew and the ANNONXN DVD, (from the first round of recording).  He is a heavy contributor to the websites animation, video montages, as well as authoring.

Predator (Band) is a hiatus recording project Levi started as an experiment, (named after the Films Crew and Films Crew Band track ‘Predator‘), (reference cited), optioned to Films Productions, signed Films and Extreme, (optioned as well by WChappell UK Recordings).  Predator Band is a continuation of  Blackened Post-metal-experimental, post-sludge, post-math genres.  Personnel is to include, Levi Wall: Bass, guitars, vocals, soundscapes.  Logan Harris: Drums, percussion.  Aaron James, and others on other guitars.  Most notably, guitar tracks built around blank tracks left by Shawn during the second ANNONXN sessions. Logan Harris and Aaron James have made appearances on recordings of Perony, Levi’s current status has only allowed him to appear live with the amorphous fluid mass that constitutes Peyrony.

Predator (Band) is to have a preview release scheduled for late in the year.  Tentative working title is ‘Sociopathology’

Predator (Band) and Films Crew recently started a concept recording Predator (Band) Vs Films Crew as a collaborative effort

Nik Turner, (X OS Label, Early ANNONXN contributor, former Hydra Head artist) has replaced Levi during this hiatus period, (which Levi has left open ended).  Despite an intense and vocal rivalry between Turner and Levi, they and their reps have an agreement this issue.  Levi’s open ended hiatus found him back in Films Crew within a month.

Levi is ardently political, and like Shawn, considered a member of The Progressive Left, both being members of  Daily Koz, (Net Roots Nation).  Although having Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr access, has dismissed and been critical of social networking as narcissism, as a non or passive participant. Levi has hopes for The Diaspora Network, however he appears to have left that to the Films Crew Band account on Diaspora.  Although admits to checking the Films Crew Band Twitter (FilmsCrewBand), which he deleted to restart it with Skip Walker a week before #Occupy Wall Street to better aggregate news of #OWS per Justin Wedes’ Tweets From The Streets. Levi, Skip, Chris, Nik, with the rest of the collective have been involved with Occupy Wall Street, DC, and Boston.

Levi did attend the Peyrony Premier Shows, momentarily reuniting with Shawn doing photo sessions for the NO H8 Campaign.  He has been active in the National Purple Ribbon anti-hate crime and ‘It Gets Better’ Campaigns.  Finally becoming full time in Peyrony within 3 months.

Musical Influences sited:  Meshuggah, Tool, Neurosis, Isis, David Lynch
Levi has always been critical of pop music trap that stereotypical gay people fall into, “Instead of being forward thinking and progressive, with some thought put into selecting their music, it’s a pathetic void of clones listening to clone pop, it’s consumer culture force feeding.  GaGa is a prefab fake, Amber Valentine of Jucifer is not”.  Levi has also been critical of closeted gay musicians.

Levi has plays, Fender Custom Shop, Music Man, Warwick, Curbow, and Yamaha Signature Series Basses
Ed Roman Custom Les Pauls, Ed Roman Telecasters, Parker Fly’s, and Yamaha Signature Series Guitars
Levi has endorsed Fender and Warwick basses.

He also has an M.A. in Psychology and Musicology
He has also been a model and photographer with the prestigious Ford Agency

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