Gear and Tech

Gear and Tech

The Projects and Artists with Films Crew Music use a lot of gear, however they are not forthcoming on what gives them certain sounds or how they are created, sometimes this is improvised, such as circuit bending or found sound.

Dallas Andrews has been Shawn’s gear tech for quite some time.
Brett Cameron became a band gear tech in 2015
Chris Sweeney has the been drum tech for Aaron and Kurt when he isn’t playing

Shawn has endorsed and played Kenneth Parker guitars and Greg Curbow basses (fretless).  Yamaha has given him Signature status, with his own Signature Yamaha guitars and basses (fretless).  PRS Guitars were endorsed during the Films Crew recording sessions, and some performances through ANNONXN, though not since.  He had been seen using both Electrical Guitar Company and Custom Dillon Firebirds (a white one has a Gibson headstock decal as a protest in Shawn’s denouncing of Gibson guitars), Dillon LP’s and SG’s during the ANNONXN performances, as well as Electrical Guitar Company Telecasters, and possibly a prototype.  He has not promotionally related to these companies, except Kenneth Parker guitars for a short period of time.  His amplification is also somewhat of a mystery since he requires several channels, there is never one set rig, but a combination of them.  He has been seen with custom shop or modified Yamaha heads, Orange, Peavey, and GK heads, and some type of outboard mixer.  Cabinets are always Mills Acoustic or Orange fitted with CV speakers, or CV cabinets.  His cabinets are often not mic’ed, he usually direct inputs into sound reinforcement.  He has often been seen playing out of an Apple Macbook Pro, software unknown.

Effects processors can range widely, Digitech multi-effects are usually a first pick for foot pedals, although is seen using several rack mount units by Digitech, Roland, Alesis, these may be being used in tandem or to generate entirely different processes for or from another source.

Levi Wall has endorsed and played Warwick and Fender basses, (fretted and fretless), and Heritage and Yamaha Custom Shop LP’s for guitars, (though not an endorser)  Ampeg amplification and cabinets, and Mills Acoustics cabinets.  His effects processors consist of a pedal board stocked with Korg stomp boxes.

Kurt Vogle uses DW acoustic drum hardware, (frequently in different wraps) which is entirely digitally triggered, making it a digital kit, as well as a dedicated multi-manufacturer digital kit.  A MacBook Pro for kit design. Guitars he is seen with include a ESP Limited LP, Custom Shop Telecasters, and a Dillon LP

Aaron uses Yamaha acoustic drum kits with DW hardware, which entirely digitally triggered and a Mandela Digital Kit.  Guitars include a Yamaha Custom Shop Strat, (possibly Shawns’), a Gretsch Custom Shop Duo Jet, a Fender Custom Shop Telecaster, and a Guitar Labs Custom DMZ.  Basses include a  Yamaha Custom Shop Prototype (possibly Shawns’) and a Warwick fretless.  His effects units consist of Digitech units in combination with a MacBook.

Nik Turner has endorsed and played Musicman and Fender basses.  His choice of guitar is often a Gary Kramer (Guitar Labs).  Amplification is usually GK with outboard mixing and GK cabinets. He uses Roland effects processors, floor and rack mount. A vintage EMU sampler and Moog Prodigy are his staple keyboard, with a Yamaha Motif or M Audio controller.

Brett Cameron, Gear Tech, has played with the band live, He is known to use an Electrical Guitar Company custom, a Custom Shop Telecaster, a Minimoog, A MacBookPro outfitted with soft synths with Alesis controller boards.

Andrew Self has used Ibanez Iron Series guitars, as well as a Custom Shop Telecaster, (all of his guitars are modified with Wilkinson Piezo Element bridge saddle pickups), Fender J Basses, When taking over for Nik Turner during the last leg of last years’ tour, he used a MacBook Pro for soft synths with an M Audio controller, as well as a Moog Prodigy

From Films Crew to ANNONXN, keyboards are unknown as they cover the brands of what they use.  This is a practice as well with other gear, if something is not obvious they cover the brand name, this has been done with guitars, basses, rack mount effects, mixers, and any gear they can tape over the name brand.  This has been a deliberate practice.  Since these are artists more at home in a studio environment, it seems, they try to recreate that experience performing, it has been their practice not to use anything live they haven’t used in a studio environment.

Chris Sweeney uses digital and acoustic drum kits, Mandela for his digital, acoustic kit is unknown.

Logan Harris uses digital and acoustic drum kits, Yamaha for his digital, acoustic kit is unknown. Guitars include Fender and Yamaha Telecasters.

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