Artist Nathan Nevitt

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Artist Nathan Nevitt has been a contributor to the website, and agreed to commit to ANNONXN.  Nathan Nevitt pursued Shawn, proposing to Shawn and exchanging vows three times.  Nathan proposed publicly  to and vowed to marry Shawn in a public arena, witnessed by people, with video cameras at a Rothko retrospective (MOMA).  The most amusing video  of what Nathan considered a ceremony was of recorded by Kyle Key.  Despite Nathan’s protests to the contrary, the two were not married in some November ritual.  Nathan somehow retains some access to this site, to which the webmaster deals with accordingly

Instruments:  Voice, Photography, Art, Art Direction

Nathan Nevitt Gallery 1

Nathan Nevitt Gallery 2

Nathan Nevitt  Gallery 3

Nathan Nevitt did join Shawn as a collaborator in ANNONXN’s Second Phase of the recording project as main vocalist, artist, also appearing in the ANNONXN video for the song Cross.  The second phase of ANNONXN was partially released limitedly, then abandoned for the third phase.
Nathan has claimed a controlling interest in the website and in Films Productions, however this is false.

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