Christopher cemented his membership in FilmscrewBand and Films Crew Collective after misrepresenting himself as Cameron on the App as @cameronthegreat, who pursued ShawnZone, developing a close relationship with Shawn, in which Christopher expressed his love for Shawn.  During this period Christopher requested a website within Filmscrewband’s Collective, this request was granted as well as 10% parity share of the website as of April 10, 2017, where he concentrates on politics and policy, he is also an authorized contributor to the FilmsCrewBand Coincidental Events Updates site.  Christopher came out to the band earlier this year.

Christopher: Advisor, Writer, Broadcaster, Guitarist
Christopher role as a guitarist has not been agreed upon, though he expressed wanting to tour with Films Crew.  Administrator privileges for the website.

Christopher played a role in the development of the upcoming FilmsCrewBand release.

Christopher became known to Films Crew through the Mobile App Periscope, ( where he presented himself as Cameron, pursuing Shawn off of the App, as phone logs show.  Christopher is a bombastic Political Periscope broadcaster as an admitted Socialist known as @cameronthegreat, or Borat, amongst many other Periscope, Twitter, and other social media accounts.  Christopher pursued an intimate  relationship with Shawn suggesting a partnership in media enterprises such as podcasts while maintaining the identity of Cameron.  It is uncertain whether Shawn knew if Cameron identity was actually Christopher during this period, though it is thought that Shawn was aware from the beginning, overlooking it due to the nature of commitments Christopher had made to him.  The rest of FilmsCrewBand remained unaware that Cameron was in fact Christopher until July 8, which they have overlooked, citing they are sure Christopher had his reasons, and Aaron still considering Christopher Cameron as an important advisor, as they maintained a relatively close relationship, however Christoper has inexplicably blocked any contact from Aaron.  However the band has requested an explanation from Christopher, regarding his (as they rightfully claim) abusive treatment of Shawn, an explanation that they maintain must be satisfactory along with reparations to Shawn,left his last site update, and his whereabouts are currently unknown.  As of 7-8 Christopher had inexplicably blocked Shawn’s phone after exhibiting potentially erratic and abusive behavior towards him.
Christopher has logins site wide at

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