VI IX Project (Band)

VI IX Project (Band)
Pronounced: Six Nine

Genre: Post Ironic Experimental Pop Post Metal, Experimental, Post Music

Jay Nein: Found Sound, Synths, Guitars, Bass, Programming, Voices, Objects

And Undetermined or Unknowing Contributors
Brett Cameron


Project Recording by head Webmaster for Shawn Zone (Now) Nathan Nevitt. Jay had preciously been involved in Unfaithful Devices, Fields, and Abandoned Halos to varying extents. The VI IX Project been given a name, though it has been ongoing in the background, time permitting, as a patch work of mismatched genres in deliberate lo-fi techniques, as a musical experiment.

The VI IX Project will not make appearances, due shows, it is a recording project only. It features contributions from every member of the Films Crew Band Collective, and Un-named people who have come in contact with them, at what are described as random orders, non-linear, or “Postgressive”

“The most responsible piece of justifiable irresponsibility that made utterly no sense saying everything perfectly understandably, if you can parse that noise”
Quote: A Swin, management

“There are beats, bursts, I don’t understand this, turn it off”
Quote: Dallas, tech