– Predator Band

Predator (Project Band)
Genre: Blackened Sludge Post-Hardcore Metal
Personnel: Levi D. Wall
Basses, Guitars, Percussion, Sound Design. Vocals
(with Logan Harris, Aaron James, Kurt Vogl, Pyke Green, Anice Candito) Fluid and revolving Line-ups)
Named after the Levi’s Concept of The Original Predator Nathan Nevitt and the Films Crew and ANNONXN track.  Predator is a Hiatus Experiment of Sonic Assaults fueled by the inexplicable behavior of Nathan Nevitt the rage a Predator must fear and feel when he is found out or caught, the rage of the denial, being trapped by his own cold blooded lies  A Sociopathology, a narcissism, an anti-social and borderling behavior disordered mind, the fraud, these things need to be studied Nathan Nevitt is the dissection. Predator Band is an experimint to look inside that mind through art. Studio musicians will Levi, ANNONXN  drummer Logan Harris and Skip Walker, with live and sometimes guest guitarists, Kurt Vogl, Aaron James. A musician of SZ’s abilities was desired but this is a thing that can no longer be. SZ is no longer here, Levi took sample of tracks they had worked on together, including Shawn’s actual tracking performances to utilize, so that Levi could keep him as a partner in spirit.

This is not Films Crew Band, Peyrony, or ANNONXN, it is the rough experimentation of a project in the formative stages, like all things Predatory it could remain incomplete. -Levi D Wall.  Predator Band is referred to by Levi as a Hiatus Project, named after the A.NNON.XN track and Nathan Nevitt it will be a study into the mind of the sociopath, (actual terminology “psychopath”).

Due to prior contractual agreements, Predator Project is hosted here on the website that Nathan Nevitt is the majority owner of.

“Nathan Nevitt IS this thing (a Predator) until he proves otherwise.  An Abuser in denial being enabled in a lie that makes these enablers complicit as criminals”, Levi D Wall.

Predator picks up where Levi left off with ANNONXN, after Nathan Nevitt and Nikki Turner dispatched him, (Levi D Wall).

History | Facts:
Nathan Nevitt did dismiss Levi D Wall from his partnered website, (which he was part webmaster of).

Nathan Nevitt had Levi removed from his band and project partnerships with Shawn, including Films Crew, ANNONXN, Abandoned Halos, as well as Coincidental Images Video and the parent productions company, for reasons unknown (speculated Nevitt’s psychiatric conditions).

Nathan Nevitt had Levi removed from the homes he was residing in while working working with Shawn, (Levi and others noted this was Nevitt’s attempt to isolate Shawn, whom he pressured into marriage contractually, obtaining a Productions company, Imprint recording label, A web domain and rights to its intellectual property, contractually royalties to all of the above, and property rights to Shawn’s assets).

Levi upon unrightfully being terminated by Nathan Nevitt, partnered with Nik Turner for controlling interest in the XOS Label, and founded Extreme Music Productions, with controlling interests transferred to Shawn, unfortunately this could not supersede previous contracts, which Nevitt holds rights to.

The Films Crew and ANNONXN Predator Track and Video are