– Peyrony Band

Peyrony Band (The Denial Project working name), now Peyrony or Peyrony (Cult of the Dead)

Genre:  Post atmospheric sludge, post trance sludge, post metal sludge experimental, post sludge acoustic experimental

Current line up:

Kurt Vogl:

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Drums Percussuion

Guitars, Bass, Sampling, Sound design, Voice, Percussion, Programming

Levi D Wall: Bass, Guitar

Nathan Nevitt: Lyrics, Stated to do Vocals and Coordination, Keyboards, Guitars, and Visuals.

Logan Harris: Drums Percussion

Nik Turner: (Acting Fill in)
Synths, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Sound design, Voice, Percussion

Aaron Housos James: Drums Percussion, Guitar, Bass

Aaron James: Additional Guitars

Former:  Skip Walker and Chris Sweeney

Peyrony Band is FilmsCrewBand Collective Members in a different formation as an ongoing endeavor.

Whether the Peyrony or Denial Project is going to fall under an ongoing Films Productions, Films Crew Music Project is speculative at this point.  The project was actually provoked by an Abercrombie and Fitch Technical Director as a demand for product and spokes person. The concept as stated from the Technical Director (Strubel), herself is to turn the guitarist/instrumentalist into Abercrombie marketability and lifestyle, with Techno-core.  This was met by resistance from management and label, also by Kenneth Cole Productions, who had a prior option on the Artist, (recently appearing for them).  Graniff (Cole) filed injunction complaint citing prior claim and possible damage to the Artist’s reputation.  Abercrombie’s Technical Director has yet to cease.

Recording began in October 11 with digital transfers to and from Nik’s soon to be vacated Boston base at Hydra. The two initial pieces recorded were labelled ‘Disposable 1 and 2’ as reference for the pop nature of disposable culture and people as proposed by the Abercrombie Director.  After approval, the sound seemed to take a dramatic turn to an acoustic post trance post ambient nature, when all the material had been recorded during the same time frame, ‘Disposable’ was not the intention and some thought went into the concept.   The remaining tracks are unknown in number, and few people knew of the recording taking place at all.  All tributed to Nathan by Shawn. If released, the option for distribution rights will be ensnared by Abercrombie’s Technical Director, while Graniff (Cole) is championing for Nik Turner’s new independent label, distributed by WMG.

Full Length: Denial (working title)
(The Faster That We Live The More We Die)
Tracks known of at this time and streaming.

See Trauma

All lyrics seem to have been written for Nathan

*The lyrics to Amen are taken from a letter to Shawn from Nathan (cited, Nik Turner) except for the chorus, originally written on and for acoustic guitar, Nik transcribed for piano.

*The Project’s name comes from a reference to archeologist Denis Peyrony (FR), and his digs discovering a Cult of the Dead, as a reference to disposable culture, although it is likely to have a multiplicity of meanings according to Turner, due to entanglements of the project.

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