– A. Films Crew (Band)

Films Crew (Band) (FilmsCrewBand) (Films Crew Collective)

Genre: Post-metal, post-music, post-math, post-progressive, post-sludge

Original Line up:
Shawn Zone Walker;  Guitars, Basses, Synths, Samplers, Sound design, Voice,  Processed voices, Programming, Percussion, Found sound, Graphics,  Art Direction, Engineering, and Production

Timothy Aaron Housos:  Guitars, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Bass, Voice, Sound design, Photography

Levi Wall:  Bass, Additional Voice, Guitar, Synths, Percussion, Video. Live Bassist and Guitarist

Superseded by Nathan Nevitt to include
Nathan Nevitt: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Unknown (Status: Unknown)
Superseded by Levi Wall (Status:  Active)
Nik Turner: Live Bassist, Guitarist, Keyboards, (Status: Solo Project)
Chris Sweeney:  Live Drums and Percussion, (Status: Nik Turner’s Solo Project, Active in Films Productions)
Superseded by Logan Harris (Predator Band): Drums and Percussion  (Status: Active)
Kurt Vogl: Vocals, Guitar, Drums and Percussion  (Status: Active)
Andrew Self:  Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Instrumentation  (Status: Active)
Christopher P Reyher:  Advisor, Unknown  (Status:  Formerly Cameron Reyher, Active)
Skip Walker: In Shawn’s absence

Films Crew Band founded by Shawn Zone and Aaron Housos James was designed to be an entirely in-house project, where composition, recording, art, video, and the process of it all (being documented as the most important component), was to be done by the band in its budget, with mastering, transferring to press material handled by the label.  Films Crew did bring in a production consultant.  The project line up had all been influenced by Tool (Band), ISIS (Band), Pelican (Band), and Meshuggah (Band)  approaches to a project, Films Crew could not replicate it, but the project could approach the process as a process being the most important aspect. Films Crew Band became a Collective (i.e., Films Crew Collective) as an umbrella for several music, art, and experimental multi-media projects, while retaining it’s identity as a band.

The result was a great deal of important symbolism drawing from some obscure and personal reference points, such as Jungian psychological archetypes, Greek mythology, and personal experience in reflection, interwoven through complex time signature changes, with Eastern and at times jazz voicings layered in a very intricate musical structure.

Films Crew Band Members are also working on Peyrony Band (Project)

What is assumed to be the Films Crew Logo, is the logo for Films Productions and Films Crew Music, the umbrella under which the associated projects fit.  Films Crew is assigned to an imprint label ‘Equal Infinity’ (to which Films Productions has kept the rights to the name) under Chappell UK, WMG.

The Release ‘Narcissus Echos’
Had been shelved with a few leaks has been re-scheduled for release at the end of 2012, however this may be delayed by some changes in the mixes and mastering.  Then pulled after initial release after the band was dissatisfied with edits made during the final mastering process, and have slated to re-record the entire release.  Narcissus Echos is being re-recorded in it’s entirety for wide release, though was interrupted for the recording of a limited edition vinyl only release.

The Release ‘Socratic’
Limited Edition Vinyl and Cassette only, which featured the single Predator

The Release ‘Untitled’ or ‘Aparneomai (Ana Stigma)’
Limited Edition vinyl only release, stamped and numbered double vinyl package, composed by Shawn Zone Walker and Aaron Housos James, with additional instrumentation by Levi Dennis Wall and Andrew Self, with most vocals done by Kurt Vogl and Andrew Self set for release July 14

Even though some of the music has been available previously, and performed live, (one unauthorized live recording had surfaced), the band does not do interviews. promotional appearances, or promotions.

Nathan Nevitt demanded the dismissal of Levi, who was replaced with Nik Turner for the interim. Nathan Nevitt had secured majority interest in the productions company and over the website, Levi returned in protest.

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