Genres: Post-progressive, post-rock

Members included:

Shawn Zone Walker
Guitars, Basses, Synths, Samplers, Sound design, Voice, Processed voices,
Programming, Percussion, Found sound, Graphics, Art Direction,
Engineering, and Production.

Levi L.D. Wall
Bass, Additional Voice, Guitar, Synths, Percussion, Video.
Live Bassist and Guitarist, additional voice.

Chris Sweeney
Drums, Percussion, Programming

Kyle Key
Synths, Programming, Percussion
Fields date of origin, seems to be cloudy.  The boundary breaking of the first sessions out of Wallace’s East Village New York B-Ville studio loft, led to a partnership with Chappell Music, and additional options on the Fields founder Shawn, who composed and performed most of the recordings almost in their entirety.

Nik Turner:  Additional contributions
Jay Nein:  Additional Contributions

2 full length releases (1 double disk) were shipped abroad
a) It Sounds Like No One’s Listening (out of print)
b) All I Have Left Is To Close My Eyes (out of print)

A 3rd release was in the making, which shipped as a very limited closing EP with a re-recording of Fields cult established piece, ‘All Was Never’. and ‘Surviving Memories of Abuse’, (a controversial vocal version, never explained, immediately shelved for re-write, which foreshadowed what was to come in the musician/artist’s life, lyrics in some form can be found on the Official Site [page], which is a slated to be an ANNONXN or Films Crew piece).

During the formation of Films Crew, Films Crew’s drummer, Aaron, wished Fields to be dissolved.  Films Crew was what Shawn had wanting to be doing with Fields, however it was not possible with the a post-progressive framework to incorporate the instrumental complexities of what was to be known as post-metal or post-music as had been making inroads into Fields private sessions of recordings from the beginning. The latter sessions became known as the Abandoned Halos Sessions.  Which included a banned from the label video by L.D. Wall (Levi), conceptualized and directed by Shawn.

Fields performed possibly 4 times in the US, finding their audience abroad, where post-progressive freeform improvisation was a staple with songs lasting as long as 20 or more minutes.

Fields line-up remained the same until dissolving. Fields is no longer a topic of conversation with the label or former members.  Topic closed.

Julie Gordon