(A Non Zen)

Genre:  Post Progressive Math, Post-sludge, post-metal, post music, post math, math gaze

Line up:
Shawn Zone Walker:  Guitars, Basses, Synths, Samplers, Sound design, Voice, Processed voices, Programming, Percussion, Found sound, Graphics,
Art Direction, Engineering, and Production

A current line up has yet to be announced since it is a collaborative project.
Line up from to date (incomplete) includes:
Levi.D.Wall:  Bass, Additional Voice, Guitar, Synths, Percussion, Video.
Live Bassist and Guitarist, Additional voice.
Nik Turner:  Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Sound design, Voice
Chris Sweeney:  Drums, Percussion, Programming
Logan Harris:  Drums, Percussion, Programming
Kurt Vogl:  Voice, Drums, Percussion, Programming
Aaron Housos James: Additional Instrumentation
Brett Cameron:  Additional Instrumentation

The name ANNONXN is a reference to the David Lynch film, Inland Empire, (in which the letters a.xx.onn.n are shown scrawled in repetition before a character sequence in the film has to deal with a set of consequences they have dealt themselves. the play on letters, which Lynch is probably aware includes references to a Pope, and a non-singular entity).

With Films Crew having downtime, Shawn pondered what it would be like to have a prequel to Films Crew, to see what was behind the mask that Films Crew represented, and see without it.  Inland Empire, as a film was a catalyst, but the project’s finding its own voice was more influenced by Nathan.  ANNONXN traces it roots to experiments of Films Crew Band.  Several sessions later, in which there was some coercion to have a certain sound, Shawn decided to truly get to the core of what was self-confrontational, was to make it a collaborative project, where he was doing the composing, and would collaborate musically with another musical artist like-minded about whatever the track that was being done, without being influenced by their experience of it.  The phrases like, consequence, unforgiveability , responsibility, are constant themes, with music that conveys the sense of urgency of self-revelation and self-confrontation.

A debut release of ‘Mirrored’ in late 11 was called off due to complications with multiple contractual obligations of those who appeared on the recording, and an inability to tour at the time.  ‘Mirrored’ was scrapped, the concept was not, and is to be in pre-production and recording during the 09 to 010 season with a tentative title of ‘Cross’.  He wanted to exclude himself from most of the vocal process for this, having heard a voice that he considered the right one,