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The Films Crew Collective
Films Crew (Band),
Peyrony (Band)
Predator (Band)
Abandoned Halos (Band),
Abandoned Acoustic (Project)
Films Productions & Extreme Music Productions
Artists and Personalities of Shawn Zone Dot Org,
and the Artists as well as Collaborators, including:
Shawn Zone Walker, (Musician, Recording Artist, Producer,
Photographer, Multi-media-ist)  |
Timothy Aaron Housos James, (Musician, Recording Artist, Media Artist, Meme) |
Levi D Wall, (Musician, Vocalist, Recording Artist, Media Artist)  |
Andrew Self, (Musician, Recording Artist, Media Artist |
Kurt Vogl, (Musician, Vocalist, Recording Artist, Media Artist)  |
Nik Turner, (Musician, Recording Artist, Vocalist) |
Logan Harris (Musician, Recording Artist) |
Brett Cameron, Musician, Recording Artist, Gear Tech, Support |
Chris M Sweeney, (Musician, Recording Artist, Production, Gear Tech |
Tom Morris (Spokesperson, Author) |
Amanda Gray (Spokesperson, Author, Activist) |
Jay Nein, (Webmaster)  |
Dallas Andrews, Gear Tech, support |
Cole Eastman, (Musician, Support) |
Rob Williams, (Musician, Support) |
Nate Riot, (Poet) |

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