Op Top 10 of 22

ShawnZone Walker’s Op Top 10 2022

Vildhjarta: Mastadden (Forte)

Vildhjarta: Thousands Of Evils (Forte)

Humanity’s Last Breath: DOTA 2 Soundtrack VOID

THROWN: Extended Pain

Allt: The Seed Of Self Destruction

Grayscale Season: Do You Like Violence

Hrftr: Spectre

Bite Down: Damage Control

The Dali Thundering Concept: All Mighty Men

Alchemist: More Love

Reflections: The Fantasy Effect Redux

Drumcorps: Creatures

Dead Soma: Faces No Mask Could Ever Conceal Instrumentals

Animals As Leaders: Parrhesia

The Korea: Vorratokon

Johari: Yurei The Instrumentals

Meshuggah: Immutable

Cult Of Luna: The Long Road North

S’efforcer: Metamorphosis


Posted by Jay on behalf of Shawn


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