Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed marriage to and exchanged marriage vows with Shawn Zone Walker in a house of God

  Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed marriage to and exchanged marriage vows with Shawn Zone Walker in a house of God  

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The Peyrony Project: A venture of a commerce nature for a clothier. Which clothier is a mystery. Your Identity IS the brand you wear, the Brand's indivilualism, propaganda, your identity a product of their will.

Approached by a technical director of marketing for a clothier chain about re-making the life, lifestyle, and identity of a member of Films Productions. The concept was to create a marketable techno for store play, as an experiment 5 tracks were completed with approval. 9 other tracks were recorded during
the same long-distance recording block between Boston and The 3'rd Coast. The 5 approved tracks were named 'Disposeable 1 - 5'.  Shawn had been  composing during the period up to and after Nathan Nevitt proposed to him and encouraged Shawn to exchange marriage vows with him a third time, this time publicly, legally, and formally in a house of God. His love for Nathan is what the resulting material was built from and influenced by, many of the lyrics are taken from Nathan's letters.  These 9 tracks have as well been approved of, however another clothier has stepped in with a prior claim to Shawn. which could block a release altogether due to the technical director of marketing for the original clothier, they have claimed property rights, which they in no way have or are entitled to. A release may come down to web only and order, with pending release of ANNONXN's 'Nathan's Cross' DVD. Peyrony however, is developing so quickl that ANNONXN visuals will probably be replaced with Peryony's own.

The name for the project was taken from archeolgists Denis Peyrony and Capitan who at the first of the last century discovered early Christian ruins referred to as The Cult of the Dead, where burial was not a practice, they were lain among the living, much as is the case with mentality of those who consume logos as identity.  The project's name has a several meanings, as the working title 'Denial Bent'.

The Peyrony Project took several directions durig recording, it could not end as a commecial techno venture for a clothier, that was the means to an end, which had nothing to do with what was ultimately trying to be accomplished, we were going to flip the project.  During the recording of a few atmospheric and acoustic tracks, the concept was more than touched upon, if there were no A & R, if everyone's need to be branded, to consumem if the facad was blasted away, if everyone realized that the eddifices of power, of emblems, had the power to stand only because of a dead culture, we walk among the every day, if everyone could wake from their imposed cultural death, and take back the power over their own wills, what would that sound like, Shawn had an answer which he had not been afforded to pursue, that is what Peyrony will be for quite some time to come, it is evolving, and powerful enough to shake the foundations of a corporate entity which has reconsidered their own position. Peyrony is staying, It has been a pleasure to work with SZ again, as fill-in for Levi, especially on this material which is a departure from Films Crew: ANNONXN, filling in for Levi will be a collective effortm, the projects are all collective endeavors.

Peytony's line up will probably be constantly evolving featuring as of now, Chris Sweeney, 'The Key' Skip, Kurt Vogl, Logan Harris, SZ, myself, (as the situation allows), and Nathan Nevitt as he wanted to be part of this.

Kept in The Eye of God, Nik Turner 29 November



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Nathan Nevitt pursued and proposed to and exchanged marruage vows to Shawn Zone Walker in a house of God

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Nathan Nevitt do you know what you've done, what you've become? Nathan Nevitt no remorse no conscience can he face what he has done or is Nathan Nevitt a predator? Prove me wrong -Levi

adulterer virginnia ginny leis nevitt encouraged spousal abuse by her son Nathan Nevitt to his husband Shawn Zone Walker who Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed to and exchanged marriage vows in a house of God before witneses. Nathan Nevitt pressured and held down Shawn Zone Walker into a marriage. Nathan Nevitt abused Shawn and and takes no responsibility for his actions. Nathan Nevitt uses Jesus dying for his sins as an excuse and that Nathan had not received the psychiatric treatment he desparately needs. adulterer ginny leis nevitt encourages this behavior and mental illlness along with Nikki Turner. Nathan Nevitt, adulterer Ginny Leis Nevitt, Nikki Turner will not justify their actions or take responsibility for psychological abuse. Nathan Nevitt has made grandiose statements saying he was pressured, Nathan Nevitt did the pressuring. Nathan Nevitt is a liar and abuser in need of psychiatric help

Aaron Housos + Shawn Zone = Infinity
nathan nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed to and exchanged marriage vows with shawn zone walker in a house of God, saying he would never leave, declared shawns home, has his house keys