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As of late, I have been receiving disturbing e-mails from an organization known as The Public Advocate, run by Mr. Eugene Delgaudio. This organization claim to be “for the family”, but they are one of the biggest public displays of homophobic bigotry I’ve ever come upon. I’m not sure how I was signed up for this newsletter, but it’s appalling reading these letters every week. They bash relentlessly on the GLBT community and their supporters, calling out “the Radical Homosexual Lobby”. Apparently we still have an agenda?

Timothy and I are thinking of starting a blog to respond to Eugene’s weekly newletters. Posting the e-mail itself along with the response. An idea in the makings, change wasn’t made by standing still.

Addendum Communique from Anonymous for Films Crew Collective
Welcome back Amanda, your absence has caused concern.  Any blogging or CMS (Content Management System, preferable) that you wish will be furnished for You and Timothy (?), as well as designed to your liking.  Your concept appeals to us.

Miscellanea, as we file updates…  Webmaster Jay has taken time off for a recovery due to illness.  Skip or Chris will be handling any communication that Jay is required for on Jay’s communication channels, as they have been granted access.  Skip and Chris are handling the Films Crew Band Twitter as well as the Shawn Zone Twitter as to avoid confusion, the latter is not updated, and is considered an account for this site.

Skip Walker has (for the time being) taken the position as organizer for Films Crew Band and the Films Crew Collective, as this was seen as the only logical position to be taken.   The vision is to remain the on the same course.  The second Peyrony (Films Crew as) release is nearing completion, recorded during Occupy Wall St., as it is ongoing, the Peyrony recording will have a completion date.  The second Films Crew Band recording, ‘Collective Synopsis’ is set for probable summer release.   This site’s overdue updates will start appearing slowly, working on the templates Jay devised.  We must say we are startled by the absence of Tom Morris in light of numerous reasons.

Anonymous noticed an assortment of what we call mysterious uploads, most notably from what is presumed to be Aaron Housos Wall James, (the alleged drummer for Films Crew, who demands shrines be built for him. Owning 7% of this site, he has the credentials to do as he pleases, Anonymous is not his private army, The Army would, where there is sure to be enough to keep his orifices happy, forever in denial
Aaron Housos Wall James (?) Synopsis Misfire The Aaronic Order  A Song
Aaron-Housos-Synopsis Misfire.mp3

A moment of politics, the bills SOPA and PIPA are only delayed, ACTA is the most egregious of them all, contact your State Representatives to stop them.
As for  The Public Advocate, run by Mr. Eugene Delgaudio, (Clearly not a Public Advocate, however a Public Figure) We do not forgive. We do not forget.  Expect Us  HERE


#OpESR   #OpBlackout  #OWS  #OccupyWallSt


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Amanda Gray, affectionately referred to as Senator Tina Ward by FilmsCrewBand for her political and human rights activism is a spokesperson for FilmsCrewBand, a mother. (most times mother of the band) and guardian of ShawnZone's FaceBook account
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