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Anonymous Communique PEYRONY Communique by and for Anonymous: Peyrony + Films Crew + Site Updates M1GS   #OccupyWallStreetNYC  May 1st General Strike Support To Anonymous’ surprise, this site surpassed a million visitors last month.  More surprising, searches for ‘Nude Pictures of … Continue reading


Predator Band is my Hiatus Project, named after the A.NNON.XN track and Nathan Nevitt it will be a study into the mind of the sociopath, I will host the Predator Project here on the website that Nathan Nevitt is the majority owner of. Nathan Nevitt IS this thing until he proves otherwise. Predator picks up where I left off with A.NNON.XN, after Nathan Nevitt and Nikki Turner dispatched me, (I’m releasing those recordings). As well as the video of Nathan Nevitt’s proposal of marriage and exchanging of vows (by videographer Kyle Moyer of Parks Agency). It is is Nathan Nevitt’s best interests to stop lying about being a Predator and Abuser, until he can prove otherwise. Mr. Daniel Nevitt is rumored to have made a threatened violence, come kick my ass instead, fly to New York on your wife’s money and I’ll show you some Man Love. -Levi Continue reading