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Posted by Aaron And today we lose a band member over Christopher, His mother Patricia Reyher has allegedly threatened to take legal action against the band or the site, because she was unaware her adult son was part of it, … Continue reading


Aaron here. Let’s discuss some things like redemption, forgiveness, and trepidation.  It was with great trepidation when I approached SZ after I had lied and broken him.  The anxiety over being turned away without him understanding why I did what … Continue reading


  Aaron here.  Where do I put this?  This isn’t good content for the front page.  I don’t have SZ at easy reach for his forensic sense into psychology and politics, it’s something I often need.  I think Christopher would … Continue reading


  COINCIDENTAL ISSUES CONTINUED And there are issues Aaron here.  Below is the text from the update I just posted. …Although here I am addressing some topics that didn’t need to be on the front page.  First we’re going to … Continue reading


  Aaron here again.  Let’s talk about internet rumors for a second, they exist, they’re destructive, and we don’t traffic in them, as usual if there is something any of you need to know, we keep you up to date … Continue reading


  Aaron here again. Update to update.  Thanks for some, not all of the responses we got.  Again, the band has not come to an end over a dispute that Levi and I started, we’ve had them before, all bands … Continue reading


  Aaron here again.  As an update to this on day 14 of Films Crew’s stalemate, I wanted to make clear, Levi and I had a simple band disagreement with SZ which has been resolved.  The misunderstanding between Name Redacted and … Continue reading


Aaron here.  Some people aren’t honest, I’ve had a moments as obvious as it may have been, so I’m coming out as a matter of principle, most of you know that I am gay, my relationships have been public knowledge, … Continue reading


Aaron here. Let’s talk about relationships again and how we sabotage them.  I wasn’t planning to do an update but on one hand I was presented with a series of urgent questions I didn’t understand and on the other hand … Continue reading


Aaron here.  There are stigmas we all face, and stigmas we attach to our lives that prevent us from being who we are out of fear.  Films Crew has an experiment in the form of Stigmatized HERE


  Aaron again. Christopher  as a part of us, hopefully a bigger part of SZ if he can face his demons, is now heading up the Intervention part of our website.  He’s still the subject of my Apologies update, and … Continue reading


It needs to be addressed within all that appears to happening that Films Crew nor any of the projects like Peyrony or ANNONXN are not disbanding.  I don’t know where these rumors spawned from, we were all taking a break … Continue reading


Aaron here.  I have updates, updated apologies & explanations HERE I need to make some apologies. Read HERE


This was sudden but not unexpected in light of some of the recent unreasonable expectations and more unreasonable actions placed upon Shawn.  It seems he is in the process of making the decision to depart Films Crew and any public … Continue reading


It appears the powers the be in a post stolen election world saw fit to breach our space corrupting quite a bit of data.  The IP of the intruder was  In the mean time while we clear the debris … Continue reading


A Communique from Anonymous The world you thought you grew up in does not exist. It never did. The illusion is failing a bit more everyday. Some will fight to the death to defend the lies because they cannot accept … Continue reading


Anonymous Communique PEYRONY Communique by and for Anonymous: Peyrony + Films Crew + Site Updates M1GS   #OccupyWallStreetNYC  May 1st General Strike Support To Anonymous’ surprise, this site surpassed a million visitors last month.  More surprising, searches for ‘Nude Pictures of … Continue reading


Predator Band is my Hiatus Project, named after the A.NNON.XN track and Nathan Nevitt it will be a study into the mind of the sociopath, I will host the Predator Project here on the website that Nathan Nevitt is the majority owner of. Nathan Nevitt IS this thing until he proves otherwise. Predator picks up where I left off with A.NNON.XN, after Nathan Nevitt and Nikki Turner dispatched me, (I’m releasing those recordings). As well as the video of Nathan Nevitt’s proposal of marriage and exchanging of vows (by videographer Kyle Moyer of Parks Agency). It is is Nathan Nevitt’s best interests to stop lying about being a Predator and Abuser, until he can prove otherwise. Mr. Daniel Nevitt is rumored to have made a threatened violence, come kick my ass instead, fly to New York on your wife’s money and I’ll show you some Man Love. -Levi Continue reading