A Communique From Amanda :  Updated by Anonymous
Hello, dear friends. Sorry I disappeared again.
I have been going through a lot of different things, including a new diagnosis and treatment, but I’m not giving up. I’m slowly but surely getting back on my feet. Both the kids had their birthdays, now five and one. I went back to school. I’m now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and then medical school. I’ve got big goals and no one’s taking me down.

Timothy and I miss you, Shawn. We can only hope this nightmare ends soon. Also concerned about Jay and his repetitive health problems, we hope he gets better soon. We’ve tried contacting Jay via email without any luck.

We hope all is well. I love you guys very much.

Thank you Amanda

Updated by and for Anonymous, Amanda, Tom Morris, et cetera, an inner office memo concerning Films Crew Band Films Crew Collective, if you will.  Item 1) Jay was fired by Nathan Nevitt, as webmaster and Films Productions contributer, however Jay did appear with Films Crew Collective at CMJ (panel discussions + 3 performances)  Anonymous as is does not believe in censorship, Nathan Nevitt being majority holder in this productions company, (his coercion), it would be in Anonymous’ mode of transparency to simply publish the said documentation, as Nathan Nevitt, could no longer perpetuate his dramatic falsehoods, being made to be held accountable for the physical + psychopathic abuse Shawn was accosted with by said Nathan Nevitt.  …Not to mention the firing of Levi  Wall, and the downtime incurred by Nevitt’s cavalierly psychotic attitude, resulting in a net loss financially for a company Nathan Nevitt holds the majority interest in, leading to a great deal of restructuring.   Anonymous has come to consensus due to our research that this was not originally Nevitt’s end goal, however the break down of his own will, as it is obvious with his history of mental disorders, which were easily manipulated by Cytanovic, (who was an issuer violent threats, as was Dan + Ginny Nevitt)  Interesting that these people have logins as contributors to this site.  Are they interested in their own accountability?  We think they will be.  Item 2) Jay is still reachable here, if there are difficulties it is suggested to try anonymous@ here, it will be forwarded.  Item 3) It has been a difficult time for those close to Shawn, those Nathan Nevitt isolated him from to cope with a situation of uncertainty.  Nathan Nevitt could login here, his own website, instead of denying his involvement, which is incorrect.  We are Anonymous.  We do not Forgive.  We do not Forget.  Expect US.

About Amanda Gray

Amanda Gray, affectionately referred to as Senator Tina Ward by FilmsCrewBand for her political and human rights activism is a spokesperson for FilmsCrewBand, a mother. (most times mother of the band) and guardian of ShawnZone's FaceBook account
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