A Communique from Skip

At the CMJ Google Musicians Gallery, 10-18  Open House Gallery NYC.  Open to CMJ badge holders, Industry guests. RSVP, 2 PM to 2 AM, Followed by another impromptu performance.  All nine of us with Jay, debuting ’10 10′.  The following day we will be taking part in a panel discussion at Paley Center, (CMJ badge holders, media RSVP guests only) 1 PM.  Many thanks to all who took part in Occupy Wall Street #Sept 17 anniversary, to Anonymous for keeping the site going, (after Jay’s apparent firing by Nathan), and to the very handsome Tom Morris.

It’s with some trepidation that I make an update, to make a clarification, or address some concerns of critics, (as they may be), concerning musical directions, Films Crew Band, (Collective’s) involvement in activism even at the periphery, these weren’t my decisions and the directions not mine, (as much as I agree and share in their vision), they were Shawn’s, we are working from his back catalog and recordings. My cousin, an almost peerless musician, composer, and honorable as a human.  A special thanks to those of you who have been so encouraging and supportive, especially Kurt Vogl.  We will have some site updates rolling out, and as some may have noticed, Chris Sweeney is making a move from behind the drum kit to focus on engineering.   Skip Walker.

A Communique From Tom Morris (Originating Poster

First and foremost, I would like to thank whoever wrote the “About Tom Morris” section. It was both precise and flattering!

On a different note, I have been on hiatus for a couple years. Pursing a master’s degree and educating myself in other ways. What were those lyrics? “She can’t be convicted, she’s earned her degree.” Yes, once my program is completed I will be unstoppable, but definitely not impenetrable. Wink, wink. Speaking of higher education, I remember the good ole’ days when SZ would mesmerize me with his use of higher vocabulary. It was like trying to decipher ancient hieroglyphs.  I am most confident that him and I would be able to have marvelous conversation with one another now.

However, education does not consume my life. I do have a fun side too. For instance, this summer I bought the World of Warcraft game. Yes, I am guilty as charged!  The game allows you to choose an individual’s race and class, which is an interesting concept. Though I was displeased when ‘Queen’ was not a class option. I have been called a “bitter queen, ” “size queen,” and not to mention I think Queen’s hit “Killer Queen” was written about me. Strangely enough, ‘Shaman’ and ‘Mage’ were class options, but does Blizzard Entertainment really think I am trying to be stunt double to Victoria C.? Glad I kept that receipt. If only we could return all dysfunctional things…and people, the world would be a better place.

I have missed all the crew. It has been too long.

Love, Tom

Updated by Anonymous

The uninitiated, your indoctrination begins.  Tom Morris is welcomed back with open arms, he has been the respected spokesperson + partner for Films Crew Band + Films Crew Collective. Queen of the hive.  Do not poke the hive, the swarms.  We love Tom, of whom he speaks loves him the most.

Films Crew Band + Peyrony hopes to see you  Sept 17  00:00 hours  Liberty Sq, Manhattan on the Anniversary of Occupy Wall St for a midnight performance NYU


Attach yourself to what you know to be true. Begin there. Every insurrectional process starts from a truth that we refuse to give up.  When the dreamer dies, what happens to the dream?  STOP making up excuses. STOP saying that you’ll so it tomorrow. STOP believing it will happend by itself. Do it TODAY What will make you “wake up”?  We will let you sleep when you let us dream!



A Communique From Amanda (Updated by and for Anonymous)

I’m calling you out. We were once best friends now I no longer know you. You are a coward, a sham, a pussy. There are million things I could call you, you monster, but one thing I will never call you is a man. Your name will be ruined when this is all over. You’re undeserving of your dreams, your luxuries, any part of this collective, any love you have found since Shawn, and the very air you breathe. Yet, I can’t wish death upon you. That would be too merciful. So come on, stand up for yourself. Show us what you’re hiding. You deserve the karma coming for you.

Anonymous: We do not comply. We do not capitulate. We are Legion


A Communique from Amanda : Updated by Anonymous

Finally got ahold of the boys. Everyone’s alright. I can breathe again.

I was also informed however that nudes are being searched for with my name.
Ginny Nevitt, conspiracy, or true fandom? It’s hard to say.
(Fans can stalk me @amisavagee on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr/anything else you can think of by the way.)

Dat Ginny Nevitt. Be on the lookout for her, two faced thing she is.

ALSO, putting a face to the amazing artist, Timothy’s, name, with a picture from my birthday gathering and getting drunkenness, a rarity between schedule, children, and desire on my part.

Much love to our visitors. Is It Ginny Nevitt 19 1.mp3


A Communique From Amanda :  Updated by Anonymous
Hello, dear friends. Sorry I disappeared again.
I have been going through a lot of different things, including a new diagnosis and treatment, but I’m not giving up. I’m slowly but surely getting back on my feet. Both the kids had their birthdays, now five and one. I went back to school. I’m now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and then medical school. I’ve got big goals and no one’s taking me down.

Timothy and I miss you, Shawn. We can only hope this nightmare ends soon. Also concerned about Jay and his repetitive health problems, we hope he gets better soon. We’ve tried contacting Jay via email without any luck.

We hope all is well. I love you guys very much.

Thank you Amanda

Updated by and for Anonymous, Amanda, Tom Morris, et cetera, an inner office memo concerning Films Crew Band Films Crew Collective, if you will.  Item 1) Jay was fired by Nathan Nevitt, as webmaster and Films Productions contributer, however Jay did appear with Films Crew Collective at CMJ (panel discussions + 3 performances)  Anonymous as is does not believe in censorship, Nathan Nevitt being majority holder in this productions company, (his coercion), it would be in Anonymous’ mode of transparency to simply publish the said documentation, as Nathan Nevitt, could no longer perpetuate his dramatic falsehoods, being made to be held accountable for the physical + psychopathic abuse Shawn was accosted with by said Nathan Nevitt.  …Not to mention the firing of Levi  Wall, and the downtime incurred by Nevitt’s cavalierly psychotic attitude, resulting in a net loss financially for a company Nathan Nevitt holds the majority interest in, leading to a great deal of restructuring.   Anonymous has come to consensus due to our research that this was not originally Nevitt’s end goal, however the break down of his own will, as it is obvious with his history of mental disorders, which were easily manipulated by Cytanovic, (who was an issuer violent threats, as was Dan + Ginny Nevitt)  Interesting that these people have logins as contributors to this site.  Are they interested in their own accountability?  We think they will be.  Item 2) Jay is still reachable here, if there are difficulties it is suggested to try anonymous@ here, it will be forwarded.  Item 3) It has been a difficult time for those close to Shawn, those Nathan Nevitt isolated him from to cope with a situation of uncertainty.  Nathan Nevitt could login here, his own website, instead of denying his involvement, which is incorrect.  We are Anonymous.  We do not Forgive.  We do not Forget.  Expect US.


An Anonymous Communique


We chose the task of rebuilding and updating this website as an autonomous operation.  We were not unwelcome.  Your webmaster Jay will return, he appears to be taking time off.  It is unlikely that he will correct many of these updates, adapt to the new directory structure, they were not malicious, we could only process the mass of raw data we had obtained.  There is more data.  Having no contact with the musicians, artists, poets, authors, contributors, spokespeople, or webmaster for context allows for a free flow of information.  Anonymous will never condone the concept of individuals being silenced. Unfortunately this happened. We and YOU must give them a voice.  The musicians, bands, artists, etc., know we are here, our motive, and what little they can do about it.  We encourage all other contributors here to contribute. Our policy is non-interference in communication.  Anonymous will clarify, yes Nathan Nevitt Austin Tx, Rocklin Ca, New York Ny is one of the official owners of this website and production company with complete administrator credentials, any statement to the contrary is a falsehood. To the rest of the Collective: Rise Up.  A video will clarify.  WATCH HERE

About site updates HERE This will be continually updated during the updates

Anonymous loves YOU
We are Legion  We do not forgive  We do not forget
Expect Us

A Communique from Logan Harris
Anonymous, thank you for the breaking news concerning the corruption regarding tattoo-gate, in which I play a part.  I have taken the situation into consideration, while I won’t permanently ink myself, I do have an absurd obsessiveness with a constantly changing array of non-permanent ones. This points to something unnerving in my psyche.

A Communique from Anonymous M17
Someone just accused us of making Propaganda! OMG! The entire plan is foiled.  We hope when all is said and done, you can look at the facts as we lay them out and connect the dots to reach the same conclusions we did.



Posted by Amanda Post-script by Levi D. Wall  Update by Chris M. Site Updates, PHP fix Let there by MUSIC

There’s a voice missing from my life…


Can you bring it back to me, monster?

Something makes me doubt it..

Post-script by Levi D. Wall
Nathan Nevitt’s elaborate web of lies will collapse around him, this is a thing he can’t control. shoud he try the facts are not on his side, his web can’t be maintained. He pleaded to be believed and he was, only plunge who believed him into the world of darkness of a coma. Nathan Nevitt is responsible for these things, his actions, his abuse, he is not the hand of God, he knows no God.  Who wasn’t straightforward Nathan Nevitt?, I would be a frightened thing if I were you, the truth you didn’t want told and demanded not be, will be told.

Nathan Nevitt A Message

What I found among the things of the life Nathan destroyed. I photographed these things, there are a lot of things.

Welcome Amanda, we are not restrained. We all want to see injustices corrected, but it is not a thing that happens overnight.
Predator Band

Predator Video from The upcoming ANNONXN DVD

There are some videos things we all can’t wait to see, I’ll be editing shortly, the subject is a bent thing

I was asked to be on Facebook for 96 hours, the networked narcissistic hive mind of clones and Republicans. There must be  a cure for that thing.  With Jay out ill, where is that Tom Morris?  Maybe it is time for an older man, this thing called love should I declare it to the Tea-bagging Glenn Beck acolyte, Danny Nevitt?  What you’ve been missing, ask your brother.  Don’t be afraid Mr. Nevitt,

Was this thing a phone message or a robo call, and is it Ginny Nevitt?
Is It Ginny Nevitt
Levi |at| Shawn Zone Dot Org

Don’t look HERE

PERYONY The Package APC Re-work Live  DOWNLOAD

Posted by Captain Nathan Nevitt

Shawn I love you so much! Ahh why didn’t I see it before? We were meant for each other! Whoa i haven’t said that before. But i think it’s true, i hope its not to early to be thinking this. but this i feel like this bond is so strong. You make me feel stronger. I feel like i can trust you with anything and you wont use it against me or make me feel bad about it. You are so amazing! I still don’t feel like I deserve you but now I feel blessed and hopeful instead of worried and scared. I AM IN LOVE YOU WITH YOU

I want you inside me 






First Time Posting

This is Amanda Gray, also known as Senator Tina Ward by SZ. I now have my log in
information from Jay. Thanks to you all, Shawn is loved..but will never be by the
man-or predator as Levi puts it-that SZ wanted. I am Nathan Nevitt’s former best friend.
I trusted him with my child. I trusted him with myself and my secrets. We all trusted
him. Which is now a most likely fatal mistake for Shawn. Nathan replaces everyone
in his life, and continues through life without remorse. I didn’t realize how cold he just
was until his lies surfaced. I know what happened on his side while he lived in California.
He had us all fooled..

Putting a face to the name.


Posted by Jay Edited by Zagata 4 Dec

More Content Management for the complete rebuild of this domain.
Coincidental Notes is meant to be the section where Films Productions Artists:
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Site Admins, Captain Nathan Nevitt (under Captain and Nathan) + Zagata + Webmaster Jay Nein (myself) + all have their same login and passes site-wide.  Commander Shawn has admin access to this section + and Nik Turner.
Coincidental Notes is the Meta Technical companion to Coincidental Events, set up for cross-referencing.

This section of  the Content Management System had been walled off as the original Coincidental Events, as an issue of operating transparently it is now unlocked



Communique from Films Crew Collective


Occupy Wall St became a collective focus of this collective during writing and recording sessions in September, before the occupation of Liberty Plaza, (formerly Zuccotti Park)).  The technical logistics alone involved in media and tech an incredible feat.  Some argue that meaning is vague and there is a need to produce a list off demands.  Wall Street is being occupied, not The Museum of Modern Arts, and “We are the 99%” is simple math, it’s not difficult to comprehend.

Continued HERE


Posted by Chris
Since Sept 17 we have been immersed and in solidarity with New York General Assembly otherwise known as those protesters Occupying Wall Street.  Levi had been on the ground, we lost track of him, or he lost track of himself, we of course are not a news organization, we are a music and art collective.  Billion Mayor Bloomberg did call for a media black out on the Occupy Wall Street action, the mainstream media have not been truthful in their coverage. For FACTUAL news, Occupy Wall Street has a Live Stream.

The Live Stream is HERE

Occupy Wall Street Official Site HERE

New York General Assembly Official Site HERE

We will try to keep a page of updates HERE

Fragile Reflections.

Maybe I’ll find you in forgotten dreams…I leaned against this fragile reflection and sadly it fell away…Its remnants shattered as I pick up a single piece..Maybe if I cut out my heart slowly he’ll understand that I am only his…or do you think he’d prefer to tear every last piece, down to the very arteries themselves, out to selfishly hold onto?
My blood will spill, gushing silently over these fragile reflections..

I have updated a page I created, now renamed. I filled it with poems. Silly little poems I wrote when dealing with my own heartbreak, by my own predator. But my predator took responsibility. He took me in with open arms in the end and shook away his title of predator. He decided he needed me, loved me. He gave me promises before that moment, promises he didn’t keep, promises that broke me. I became an empty shell..and Nathan was there and watched it all unfold. And soon after my predator shed it all away, Nathan changed. I remember thinking for awhile, was this some kind of exchange? Did Nathan and Austin exchange mindsets? Austin became as devoted as possible while Nathan pushed away suddenly. Or were both these transformations not as sudden as I thought? Were there signs along the way? Even the most subtle of hints that both these men were changing..

I guess I’ll never know for sure. But all I do know is one of my closest friends, my brother..he is suffering for it while I’m living a nearly married life with the man I believe to be my soulmate. And nothing brings that love down, even days when we’re not sure if we’re able to afford groceries, or electricity, or rent. Even on days when we’ve been at each other’s throats over everything. At the end of every day, we lay down in the same bed, we hold each other close, and we don’t even have to apologize or tell the other “I love you” aloud. It lingers between us and all is forgiven. The sting of harsh words and the pressing of worries falls away for that moment, and we fall into dreams holding onto each other for dear life.

I wish I could give this to him, even for just one more night..