A Communique From Amanda (Updated by and for Anonymous)

I’m calling you out. We were once best friends now I no longer know you. You are a coward, a sham, a pussy. There are million things I could call you, you monster, but one thing I will never call you is a man. Your name will be ruined when this is all over. You’re undeserving of your dreams, your luxuries, any part of this collective, any love you have found since Shawn, and the very air you breathe. Yet, I can’t wish death upon you. That would be too merciful. So come on, stand up for yourself. Show us what you’re hiding. You deserve the karma coming for you.

Anonymous: We do not comply. We do not capitulate. We are Legion

About Amanda Gray

Amanda Gray, affectionately referred to as Senator Tina Ward by FilmsCrewBand for her political and human rights activism is a spokesperson for FilmsCrewBand, a mother. (most times mother of the band) and guardian of ShawnZone's FaceBook account
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