First Time Posting

This is Amanda Gray, also known as Senator Tina Ward by SZ. I now have my log in
information from Jay. Thanks to you all, Shawn is loved..but will never be by the
man-or predator as Levi puts it-that SZ wanted. I am Nathan Nevitt’s former best friend.
I trusted him with my child. I trusted him with myself and my secrets. We all trusted
him. Which is now a most likely fatal mistake for Shawn. Nathan replaces everyone
in his life, and continues through life without remorse. I didn’t realize how cold he just
was until his lies surfaced. I know what happened on his side while he lived in California.
He had us all fooled..

Putting a face to the name.

About Amanda Gray

Amanda Gray, affectionately referred to as Senator Tina Ward by FilmsCrewBand for her political and human rights activism is a spokesperson for FilmsCrewBand, a mother. (most times mother of the band) and guardian of ShawnZone's FaceBook account
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