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First recordings took place during the Liberty Square Occupation.  Occupy Wall Street was an awaking for the Peyrony Project to refocus personally and outwardly to the severity of injustices that exist.  Films Crew Collective which makes up Peyrony were at Liberty Square with an obsessive frequency, the experience rewarding and life affirming.

The Peyrony Project took several directions durig recording, it could not end as a commercial  trance dubstep venture for a clothier, that was the means to an end, which had nothing to do with what was ultimately trying to be accomplished, we were going to flip the project.  During the recording of a few atmospheric and acoustic tracks, the concept was more than touched upon, if there were no A&R, if everyone’s need to be branded, to consumerism if the facade was blasted away, if everyone realized that the edifices of power, of emblems, had the power to stand only because of a dead culture, we walk among the every day, if everyone could wake from their imposed cultural death, and take back the power over their own wills, what would that sound like, Shawn had an answer which he had not been afforded to pursue, that is what Peyrony will be for quite some time to come, it is evolving, and powerful enough to shake the foundations of a corporate entity which has reconsidered their own position. Peyrony is staying

The name for the project was taken from archeolgists Denis Peyrony and Capitan, who at the first of the last century discovered early Christian ruins referred to as The Cult of the Dead, where burial was not a practice, they were lain among the living, much as is the case with mentality of those who consume logos as identity.  The project’s name has a several meanings, as the working title ‘Denial Bent’

Abercrombie Technical Marketing Director and staff of clone mentality, chose to line their pockets are distributing for profit and utilizing in store play of Peyrony Project’s Disposable recordings without compensation. Thank you Lisa Strubbel for your Cult of Corrupt Clone Slaves. Since the loss of Shawn, the decision was made to give away the Peyrony tracks from Disposable.  The Disposable tracks are very different from the other material Peyrony recorded October through November, which The Kenneth Cole Project rescued, and are trying to rescue these tracks as well. The Disposable tracks are grouped as a  CD titled Cult of The Dead. It’s a bit of  Post Ambient Trance Core Experimental. Peyrony was networked by Shawn Zone Walker, Nathan Nevitt, Nik Turner (myself), with Skip Walker, Chris Sweeney, Kurt Vogl,  and art from Nathan Nevitt.

The Peyrony Disposable, Cult of The Dead tracks can be downloaded from

A zip file containing the CD tracks, artwork and notes will be posted soon.  These files are only here for a short time and will be order only from the

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Peyrony Denial Bent was recorded during October and November
Between coasts with Shawn Zone Walker + Nathan Nevitt + Chris M. Sweeney + Skip Walker + Kurt Vogl and Myself = Nik Turner as a demand from a clothier.


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The Peyrony Project: A venture of a commerce nature for a clothier. Which clothier is a mystery. Your Identity IS the brand you wear, the Brand’s indivilualism, propaganda, your identity a product
of their will.