Aaron here.  There are stigmas we all face, and stigmas we attach to our lives that prevent us from being who we are out of fear. A stigma becomes our sickness then it becomes our reason for being a nefarious individual, which will wreak havoc on those we love.  We have to overcome these insecurities that develop into stigmas or we risk losing who we are and those we love.  I speak from experience on this topic.  I hope to reach another and hope they understand this as well.

We weren’t intending new Films Crew tracks, so lets say we got off track and this is not a final product.  This is one of two tracks that are in this form, that have just been brought to this stage of completion.  SZ brought Kurt in for the final vocal. Stigmatized is one of those tracks that is based off an actual situation, something very personal to SZ.  If there is a connection made between two people, a stigma can cause the destruction of that connection.  Since relationships like that are so rare and won’t happen in most peoples’ lives, it is best to face our demons. Since Stigmatized it about a specific relationship, I have a couple of things to say that no one will understand. You are a brave and probably a better person than me and don’t give into a stigma, you are so fortunate to have found someone who is patient and understanding that loves you.

We aren’t leaving this track up for long.


You’re doing what they want…  What they want from you…  So much
The questions are insufferable
And take away from you what they gave you… what takes away from you
All these unchanging things…  Looks like a present… Like a unity
Your conscience… Your sickness…  Your ignorance… Your wickedness…

No doubt bribed from illusions… …Chased… ….Distressed…  And there’s no way out
Believe in yourself and find the blockade… Made of truth left by us
So being jealous and being formed… You’re satisfied by the waiting…
Your conscience… Your sickness… Your ignorance… Your wickedness… Your Weakness

Silenced… Leaving… To an unknown destination
Silenced… Leaving… To an unknown…

In the course of the revolutions…  You’re suffering a feeling of guiltiness
A masterpiece of heroic deeds…  Your acting is based on thoughts
The consequence is the defeat…  Understand yourself
This storm is beating through himself… No doubt bribed from illusion…
Chased… ….Distressed…  There’s no way out…  Believe in yourself…
Find the blockade made of truth… Being jealous… And being formed

Silenced… Leaving…