Films Crew Band Supports #Occupy Wall Street


From Narcissus Echo

Films Crew Band under Skip Walker deleted and restarted the Films Crew Band Twitter in order to be involved and follow news on Occupy Wall Street.  This lost all of their followers, even though they never Tweeted.  They have recently donated their account to @OccupyWallSt.  In effect, it is an app that allows  @OccupyWallSt to Tweet or Re Tweet through other Twitter Accounts to raise further awareness.

Films Crew Band was a collaboration founded by Shawn Zone Walker and Aaron Housos Wall James?.  Joined by a Kurt Vogl, usurped by Levi Wall.  ANNONXN Project sprouted with Chris Sweeney. Abandoned Halos, (A project band and a song, or group of differently interpreted songs) ebbed and flowed.  Levi was cancelled by Nathan Nevitt.  The Peyrony Band Project formed.  All of this happened under the auspices of Films Crew Band, more succinctly it is Films Crew Collective.  Skip Walker is currently handling Shawn’s  relatively usual position during his absence.

 From the upcoming Films Crew Band : Collective Synopsis