Alas Levi.  Kept in The Eye of God. I hold no answers to the questions posed. We are in agreement on the issue of a blessing to be Kept in The Eye of God.  The hiatus is the honorable action. Your protective nature as well as mine.  We don’t see Eye to Eye,  We hear nothing during the same time period.

Hydra Head Records Outcast.  Having Aaron (Turner) as a big brother is complicated.  These visitations upon you are as a loaner during Levi’s Hiatus, and a label start up of my own.  The eyes and ears have been kept on the principle players of this domain, there is no harm to come.

Introductions incomplete.  Aware in the silence.
What did we mean when we said what we said?  That the meaning of our words are as disposable as the pop culture we consume? The manipulation by the hand that feeds, the ego, the drama, the instant gratification. In denial, the victim is always found guilty by a controlled jury, the judge is the perpetrator. The judgement is a fraud. Step into the light, back into eye of purpose. Of promised.

With what to do, to do. A session and live bassist, instrumentalist, hazardous occasional vocalist.  A journey into this pool of talent and skill, intimidating. a void of shards that belong to a whole vessel, that shall have union again.

There was a soundcheck recorded from from the main console, sound quality suffers, but the message does not.

The guitarist ask to guest soundcheck, from this domain.  The track on loan for a short time. Mind food.

Kept in the eye of God ever humbled  – Turner

Abercombie made me cut my hair a big mistake