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First and foremost, I would like to thank whoever wrote the “About Tom Morris” section. It was both precise and flattering!

On a different note, I have been on hiatus for a couple years. Pursing a master’s degree and educating myself in other ways. What were those Billy Joel lyrics? “She can’t be convicted, she’s earned her degree.” Yes, once my program is completed I will be unstoppable, but definitely not impenetrable. Wink, wink. Speaking of higher education, I remember the good ole’ days when SZ would mesmerize me with his use of higher vocabulary. It was like trying to decipher ancient hieroglyphs.  I am most confident that him and I would be able to have marvelous conversation with one another now.

However, education does not consume my life. I do have a fun side too. For instance, this summer I bought the World of Warcraft game. Yes, I am guilty as charged!  The game allows you to choose an individual’s race and class, which is an interesting concept. Though I was displeased when ‘Queen’ was not a class option. I have been called a “bitter queen, ” “size queen,” and not to mention I think Queen’s hit “Killer Queen” was written about me. Strangely enough, ‘Shaman’ and ‘Mage’ were class options, but does Blizzard Entertainment really think I am trying to be stunt double to Victoria C.? Glad I kept that receipt. If only we could return all dysfunctional things…and people, the world would be a better place.

I have missed all the crew. It has been too long.

Love, Tom

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The uninitiated, your indoctrination begins.  Tom Morris is welcomed back with open arms, he has been the respected spokesperson + partner for Films Crew Band + Films Crew Collective. Queen of the hive.  Do not poke the hive, the swarms.  We love Tom, of whom he speaks loves him the most.

Films Crew Band + Peyrony hopes to see you  Sept 17  00:00 hours  Liberty Sq, Manhattan on the Anniversary of Occupy Wall St for a midnight performance NYU


Attach yourself to what you know to be true. Begin there. Every insurrectional process starts from a truth that we refuse to give up.  When the dreamer dies, what happens to the dream?  STOP making up excuses. STOP saying that you’ll so it tomorrow. STOP believing it will happend by itself. Do it TODAY What will make you “wake up”?  We will let you sleep when you let us dream!

Catherine of Aragon may have been forced from the throne, but this Queen doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

As summer approaches, I’m saddened that I haven’t been able to communicate with my friend. I haven’t been able to tell him about my happinesses, my sadnesses, or my accomplishments. I haven’t been able to get his advice at times when I feel completely lost. I haven’t been able to hear his soothing voice when I feel absolutely lonely.

I remember last time when I felt this frustrated, when I had an tremendous amount of time on my hands. I played a game, a dangerous game with a woman and her daughter. I wanted someone to blame for taking my friend away from me. At that time, I could only blame myself though.

However, this time around, I’m not the one to blame. And eventually, this individual will fall into my darkest dream.

However, this time around, I’m not the one to blame. And eventually, this individual will fall into my darkest dream. As I am a Spokesperson for the bands

Before Levi was given his walking papers he publicly apologized for things he hadn’t done.  One quote struck me, “The people who use the word ‘Immature’ speak from self-experience of it.  That appears to be true.

Until then, I’ll continue dancing on my own.  In a comatose sway to the melodies of our fallen we remember with a Purple Ribbon),


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The Peyrony Cult of Abercrombie Cult of Death CD is available for a now for download for a limited time

Individual Files HERE

Nathan Nevitt, you do not have the entitlement to re-write history, and you certainly don’t have the entitlement to abuse the person, you, Nathan Nevitt pursued, proposed to, exchanged marriage vows with multiple times, whom Nathan Nevitt pressured, whom Nathan Nevit “Held Down and Held Back” then to deny the realities, responsibilities, or FACTS of his actions, while engaging in campaign of deceit and abuse, Nathan Nevitt actions have their consequences, Nathan Nevitt’s have legal consequences.  Nathan Nevitt, Shawn’s family is waiting for an explanation for your mentally disturbed behavior, they are not interested in what your adulterer of a mother Ginny Nevitt has to say about it, (however she can login with your password and publish some bizarre manifesto), nor your enabling hypocrite best friend Nikki Turner.  The FACTS Nathan Nevitt, you pursued, pressured, and exchanged marriage vows (in front of a video camera and within 36 hours started a campaign of abuse with your family.  Nathan Nevitt you may not see it that way, but the FACTS are THE FACTS and it IS WHAT YOU DID.  If Ginny Leis Nevitt is so concerned about Con-men, it is because she raised one.  This IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  FACT: Nathan Nevitt owns half of this website, FACT: If you can not explain your abusive actions, then you, Nathan Nevitt are a Predator, who’s mission in life has been to knock a family off of its axis and destroying the person you exchanged vows with in a House of God’s life.  Nathan Nevitt you made commitments, you honor them, or you are nothing but a PREDATOR, in which case other avenues have been sought to deal with your abuse.. Management

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“Out of Sync”
After a lengthy absence, comes many realizations…In order to keep it short, I’ve decided to mention only a few.
First of all, I’ve learned that no matter how much you care about someone, some people will always be self-absorbed, arrogant fools. Although I will not mention names.
Also, I’ve learned that we are responsible for what we
do, unless we are celebrities. I am a celebrity…therefore I’m not.
Furthermore, I learned the answer to that sixty-four thousand dollar question, “When is it ok to break a promise?”


Someone or something attacked Tom’s personal Tumblog on this domain, we shall restore that function on this page which will have the same functionality.  Tom can nest pages within pages with wonderful photographs.