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Occupying DC

levi wall to nathan nevitt you broke it you fix it how is being a coma causing predator working for you

Predator (Band) Levi D. Wall, Named after the Original Predator Nathan Nevitt + The Films Crew track.  Predator is a Hiatus Experiment of Sonic Assaults fueled by the inexplicable behavior of Nathan Nevitt the rage a Predator must fear and feel when he is found out or caught, the rage of the denial.  A Sociopathology, a narcissism, an anti-social + borderling behavior disordered mind, these things need to be studied Nathan Nevitt is the dissection. Predator is a Hiatus Experiment of Sonic Assaults fueled by the inexplicable behavior of Nathan Nevitt the rage a Predator must fear and feel when he is found out or caught, the rage of the denial, being trapped by his own cold blooded lies  A Sociopathology, a narcissism, an anti-social + borderling behavior disordered mind, the fraud, these things need to be studied Nathan Nevitt is the dissection. Predator Band is an experimint to look inside that mind through art. Predator Band is an experimint to look inside that mind through art. Studio musicians will be myself and former ANNONXN  drummer Logan Harris with live and sometimes guest guitarist James Aaron. A musician of SZ’s abilities was desired but this is a thing that can no longer be. SZ is no longer here.   This is not Films Crew Band, Peyrony, or ANNONXN, it is the rough experimentation of a project in the formative stages, like all things Predatory it could remain incomplete. -Levi D Wall
I will host the Predator Project here on the website that Nathan Nevitt is the majority owner of. Nathan Nevitt IS this thing until he proves otherwise.  Predator picks up where I left off with ANNONXN, after Nathan Nevitt and Nikki Turner dispatched me, (I’m releasing those recordings). As well as the video of Nathan Nevitt’s proposal of marriage and exchanging of vows (by videographer Kyle Moyer of Parks Agency). It is is Nathan Nevitt’s best interests to stop lying about being a Predator and Abuser, until he can prove otherwise.  Mr. Daniel Nevitt is rumored to have made a bad move, come kick my ass instead, fly to New York on your wife’s money and I’ll show you some Love. -Levi

I have enjoyed the smell of fear in Texas during my lingering post South by Southwest stay. Austin is relevant to its own self-importance, subpar town with no culture, only a sense of ego inflation with no substance, like Nathan himself -Levi Wall

Sociopathology Predator Band Levi Wall

The Films Crew Band Predator Track and Video are

unlike aaron housos, nathan nevitt is a predator until he proves otherwise levi wall
Levi Wall Predator Band NYC

From Peyrony, SZ’s last live performance

Anyone who has made the grandiose statement that they have been held down and held back, as Nathan Nevitt has, were actually holding down and holding back someone else in a Predatory way, this thing is what it is Nathan Nevitt’s lie, a thing now bigger than Nathan Nevitt who is no model but a sales associate, I am represented by Ford who I also do photography for. Nathan Nevitt is the thing I will entertainment out of, no one is forgetting as easily as Nathaniel Taylor Nevitt, Predators have no remorse, they are criminals who victimize, as are their enablers who support such behavior.  I hear every every lie Nathaniel tells. -Levi Wall

Contact  levi (at) shawn zone dot org

nathan nevitt is not a model but a fraud who is married, levi wall is a model

Dissection of things

Nathan Nevitt pressured, pursued, proposed to, exchanged marriage vows with Shawn Zone Walker to abuse him, Nathan Nevitt is responsible for his actions and the consequences that follow them, these things are facts, the truth.

Posted by Levi Wall

As some may have noticed Shawn is no longer here, it was Nathan Nevitt that saw to this this.  Nathan has been engaging in a thing most people call Fraud, he may not be able to help this being the huge fraud and perpetrating the huge frauds he has.  Nathan Nevitt pressured, and pursued, and kept pressuring Shawn into accepting marriage proposals, the thing is Shawn is a person of his word, Nathan is what his own mother, Ginny Nevitt would call a con-artist.  Nathaniel has told various personality disordered stories about being held down and held back, this is not the truth, Nathaniel Taylor Nevott did all of the holding down and holding back, of the best I had since six years of age.  The perseverance  of Nathan Nevitt’s lies are only surpassed by his ability to abuse who he married, and Nathan’s own narcissism and ego, but what are these mechanisms for?  These things hide this truth and that belief that Nathan can do as he pleases with no consequence.  The statement, “I will not be held down or held back by anyone or anything ever again”, is a statement of a thing called irresponsibility, a person who cannot keep their word, even though they’ve sworn to.  Nathan is surrounded by enablers who reinforce this behavior.  Thing is, the statement; “I will not be held down or held back by anyone ever again” is as delusional as the Aaron Housos statement to Shannon Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars; “Wrestling is an art form, the music industry is a blood-sport”.  Aaron never branched out into the areas of abuse that Nathan Nevitt has.  And while the borderline disorder type mental fugue state that Nathan has become, he went to great lengths to get Shawn’s hand in marriage, Nathan’s abuse of this caused a great deal of damage that none of us will soon forget, the thing is Nathan is of the belief that abuse makes a person grow, which is not a psychological truth, it is a thing to dismiss his own abuse.  Nathan is responsible for the damage he has left in his wake. I just check my Lexis Nexis alerts.  Nathan Nevitt does not know there is a difference between telling the truth, and libel, slander, or defamation, things he is engaging in, as if the the things he has already done are not illegal enough.  I am waiting for Nathan to prove me wrong, there are more eyes on Nathan Nevitt than he knows  -Levi

No, Nathan Nevitt is not a modal, I have been this thing, represented by the Ford Agency, it is a mindless thing, I have preferred photography work for them, also mindless.  Shawn has done these things as well.  Models do nothing, it is a thing that requires no skill or talents, which is why I do things that require skill, talent, and challenge.  A model is not something to aspire to be, and with Nathaniel’s complexion, a thing that wouldn’t happen. A modeling career in pornography is something that won’t happen for Nathaniel because of his Peyronies disease.  I know Nathan isn’t visiting this website that he does own the majority of, but he can’t escape it.

I would like to know if Nathan Nevitt thinks his abuse, fraud and human rights violations have been worth what ever the thing he is trying to accomplish, it is not a symptom of mental illness, it is mental illness, which Nathan does not get to get away with, he knew he needed help, that makes Nathan Nevitt’s crimes premeditated. The thing is, they are all crimes. Until he proves otherwise.  -Levi Wall


Nik Turner, things. Egos get in the way of things.  I have heard not a word, not a thing. No speaking since October.  Except that Aaron has laid claim to my last name.

I have finished editing some video footage for the Films Crew track, Predator, It can be found

Nik Turner, rumors are the thing that hiatus bring, this thing was not explained. The thing is, I had given a choice to SZ, of, if he believed Nathan’s word in truth and love to be true, that this was the time to for this union to be blessed and not interfered with, or the choice to contend with me as a critic of that union were Nathan’s truth in word and love to have no truth.  The correct choice was made, as obviously Nathan proposed to him and exchanged marriage vows with him a second time.  I have not spoken to SZ since  October, the thing is, no one seems to no exactly where he is. But may this union be blessed. “Kept in The Eye of God” as you would say Nik.  Glad to have you on board Nik again, I may be on hiatus, If Cpt. Nathan Nevitt’s word is not his truth as he claims, it would mean Cpt. Nathan is no more than a predator, and I won’t return, but I still contribute to this site. Toes are things we shouldn’t step on.

Note this hiatus will be an undetermined thing, I will be available if needed, however the thing is I ask a friend to make a choice, the choice was made as to the never darken doorways where I am not welcome. My apologies to Nathan.

Passing a message to J IX about taking a time out, a hiatus of a thing, required an explanation with all the misinformation that is trafficking across the web, a trafficking we’ve never taken part in, but a thing that has taken us apart on a few occasions.  My hiatus is not about that thing, although I am going to address it.  When serious work got started on ANNONXN, a lot of new possibilities created a mood of a prequel to Films Crew. A natural disaster later, we were a little shaky, a combination of being in both the right and wrong places at the right and wrong times, I had not been through a hurricane or the fallout of one before, and this is an indirect preface to a hiatus, or what it means. I’ve seen creative people get pushed by people  before, where they are moved almost by force to make changes, to make way for things that they aren’t prepared form the force of intrusion or the force of exclusion, it crumbles the foundations of people, if one is not ready for this action to take place, the other isn’t either, or by self-centeredness recklessness will cause what is being built by two, to turn to dust by rushing the process of things, the damage may not be repairable. When one is pleading they aren’t ready, and the counterpart is insistent,  the counterpart is creating a weight so great in guilt that the roof can’t take the pressure and falls to the floor.  The counterpart is a counterweight, these things must be taken into consideration.  If to build and grow, things must come in their own time for a solid foundation, to push or rush the process, the building will be a flawed thing, a structure of resentment. When the parts haven’t come together by any given deadline, a structure can’t be built that won’t be a failed thing. Any statement of not being ready, is honest, not a procrastinating thing.  When something is not moving at a preconceived pace, maybe the perceiver is the one is out of step. Of all of the outcomes. the structure must not fail, construction is a never ending thing.  While we feel needs to rush it, we push the stability of the structure to the breaking point.  Someone suggested a thing to me once, to stop listening and start hearing, that’s the point to be shared.

While the above doesn’t point to a hiatus, it’s cautionary that I move things away from the center, until it is resolved, if the center doesn’t hold, it’s better not to be a part of the center. A thing very vague. but necessity to be taken seriously.

Step 2. The Obvious
This doesn’t mean I won’t be working, the presentation of what were thought to be the lost recordings of the Abandoned Halos (Band) have been a point of interest.  These were built up from the first recordings of Aaron’s and SZ’s improvs, it was clear they weren’t the vision for Films Crew, as we worked through them during the mid and summer of 05, then again in 07, piecing tracks together from the original improvs, (hours of recordings I fear are lost), The drones of ambience in a math, post-metal, dissonantly jazz voiced structure becomes all the more interesting. There were only a few experimenting in this mood, (some still are, not so successfully). Aaron Turner gave ‘Stranded’ a nice loose mix. The majority of the tracks are instrumental, during the toss of ideas of ANNONXN, I set some brutal vocal tracks to some of Aaron’s and SZ’s collaborative lyrics, (SZ tends to close mic’ing and nuanced voicings (pre=processed), a place I am given the room to scream, (post-processed), and do). It was never clear who tracked all of the percussion, they seem to come from different reference points, Aaron of course, the Harris Aaron, (not so available these days), and Andrew from some sessions in Brooklyn (of late Tombs), and  Travis, I think. Abandoned Halos (Band), the music is a thing that wouldn’t fit anything but itself.

Step 3.  Obscurity

While we are aware of some of what has gone on with some of these bizarre things creating traffic band and forth that seem to think they have some knowledge of us, knowledge is clearly a thing they don’t  have, most of it we are oblivious to until someone tells one of us, we won’t read these things.  I will let Jay elaborate on this thing from his bubble, our bubbles are separate things. I recently finished what we refer to as ‘The Books’ a series of blog entries. (lot’s of blog entries) of Victoria Conwell’s discourse in all things libel, and those of her internet friends. Her only subject matter that we actually have met is Aaron, (it seems she might have), any other associations are a mystery, we have never been connected with the various people she describes.  It struck a raw nerve, we were not her business, it was damaging, we have had no contact with her or her surreal situations, It made little sense why a woman would write at such length with such lack of anything based in reality pertaining to us, it’s a confusing thing. a disturbing thing.  The thing striking me as the strangest, what third party is going to give a woman like that a correct phone number over the internet, that’s one thing she wasn’t going to get. An apology is a thing she owes us.

Taking Time, Licking Wounds
An update from original

ANNONXN. is pronounced A Non Zen

Edit: Something to be noted, Nate Cytanovic Riots, as things appear was never here for what he seemed to be, there seems to be a mistake in intentions. His intentions true intentions were to use SZ in a scheme that was a lie of a thing.  As things appear his intentions were nothing more than an a thing which we were a vehicle to persuade one of us to manipulate his boyfriend. Thing is Cytanovic has been vocal about his hatred for SZ, a thing Cytanovic not only lied about, but a thing Cytanovic used to manipulate opinion about SZ, this site, and a relationship he has no business being a part of.  What kind of a thing is he?  Cytanovic is a thing of questionably mental health, and in denial of this thing. The matter is no longer discussed. I will take some time away from this for clarity.

I understand the nature of things like contractual agreements, and the agreements I have made to those who have made these things, and that I have a responsibility to these things.

After some thought, I will leave Films Crew’s recording process + company as Nathan Nevitt considers this the only option, expelling me as he sees fit.  Shawn is more capable to handle all bass and guitar and sound design roles, I have not ruled out appearing on the new recordings altogether as a thing. My focus will be live performance as bassist, and technical. It is unlikely for the possibly be staying on for part of the ANNONXN (A Non Zen) recordings, not much has been said about this thing, other than it is Nathan Nevitt’s project now in full. It is a largely personal collaborative solo effort of SZ’s, that is the prequel to the new Films Crew recordings. ANNONXN is the sketch pad for Films Crew, and a thing every much in it’s right is Films Crew. The separation of things is academic. This thing is very difficult for me,, but observing pain and torment is a difficult thing. Due to Aaron, pain and torment is a thing we received in abundance, blogs libeling us, people threatening us, a thing those people will deal with in court. None of the musicians or artists involved in these projects have been involved with any of these goings on. (This does not include Aaron or the material licensing and rights problems due to him, breach of contract, likely law suits, on and on). This has been the most ethical and morally run set of musicians and artists I have had the pleasure of working with. SZ above all. It’s he who has taken the brunt of these things, while having nothing to do with them.

Recently I have been vocal about a thing, a poet, Nate Riots Cytanovic, who has made contributions to this site, I have made statements that were not a thing of my nature, but things deserved. I devoted a short story Alexi-bot to this thing. The reason I am taking a step back is because of people like this. They are a disruption of things and a manipulation of people, this is a thing I can no longer witness or give attention to, or be a part of. Things being as they are, it is painful to give safe harbor to someone who accuses you of using them for the privilege of their safety. If I continue to admin part of the website, my contact with these disruptive people and their actions will not be a kind thing. Since Aaron’s non-explanation for his mental health challenged actions, a thing which caused some avalanche of libelous blogs by a Conwell woman and her science-fiction blogging club, who we don’t know, with the exception of Aaron, only, exclusively, a thing which is inexcusable as he allowed it to happen, while his mother, or someone acting on her behalf issues hit style death threats to us on the internet?, we don’t know her, if it was her, it’s a very mental thing to do. That we have to hear about these things on a regular basis, and things like fake MySpace and Facebook pages, enough is enough, the thing is the refusal of any explanation, or taking responsibility for these things, or making amends for these things. It’s easy to put dollar amounts on the damage of these things. If it has not been made a perfectly clear thing, we haven’t answered to any of this internet science-fiction libel, because we are not responsible for it, a thing which amends should be made for. As things stand, it is difficult to do our work as artists without being pounced on. in some vicious way. If it has not been made a perfectly clear thing, this website is owned by Aaron and SZ, it has always used modified WordPress software, extending on that software, with artistic contributors who we have an agreement with, a thing common to any recording or digital artist website. If it has not been made a perfectly clear thing, SZ has not published a word on the internet, or has anyone do so on his behalf since Aaron asked him not to, a promise SZ has kept.

I remove myself for a time from this thing, it is not of my nature to let internet science-fiction bloggers or Facebookers attack me personally. A certain thing is Aaron’s science-fiction accounting of these things. It is certainly not anything is SZ’s nature either, but that damage is a done thing and his restraint has been a standard I can only hope to achieve.

Thank you Levi D Wall
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