Kurt D Vogl has done some vocals + played guitar + drums with Peyrony and Films Crew, as well as tech and engineer.  Kurt and Skip also work on The Xen Project. Pearl Jewlery enthusiast, once figher pilot, had a light bulb moment when he realised there is no money in pilotry, reverting to every homosexual stereotype as a gear geek laden post metal sludge head. It was rumored that Kurt was so stable during the last ongoing recordings, rehearsals, or live setting, that his bandmates absolutely refused to believe Kurt was of reputable character after Nathan Nevitt and Nate Riots, The Collective doesn’t trust easily mongst even itself, there was a time that Kurt had been irreplaceable, as with all things, there is doubt, certainty, however, Kurt was  not uncertain, not wavering in his loyalties, politics, hygiene, or courage, yet he had changed, in his attempt to undermine all the adorations that had been bestowed on him, he  stepped back into the shadows to become more resolute in his convictions. We hope this ends well.

Taken from Kurt’s additional page HERE