Aaron Housos James = Symopsis 0
Films Crew Band + Peyrony Project + ANNONXN + The Aaronic Order +  Symopsis 0

Aaron: Drums + Percussion + Fretless Bass + Guitars + Sound Design + Composition + Voice + Photography + Concepts + Promises + All Encompassing Collaboration and Commitment +
Political Gay Activist + Occupy Wall Street

Aaron Is A Guiding Force Behind The Films Crew Project, As Well As Contributor To Any Upcoming Films Productions Projects.  Aaron Is The Balance In All Equations Shawn Zone. History Validates It’s Own Mathematics In This Formula, One Is Incomplete Without The Other
Part founder of Films Crew Collective + Part owner of this website

Aaron Will Explore All Sorts Of Mediums, And Will Be Available Here.  He Will Dispell Whatever Mythology Surrounds Events Up To This  Point. This Is Aaron’s Place To Do As He Will With Total Freedom.  Aaron Is Half Of The Partnership Of A+SZ=Infinity Productions L.L.C.
With His Partner And Collaborator Shawn, Together They Share Shawn Zone Dot Org, Films, A+SZ=Infinity Productions,  (Put Together As Their Own Imprint Label And In-House Productions Unit) Especially For Films Crew And Associated Projects Which Are A Multimedia Framework

Aaron doesn’t pay attention to his Twitter @symopsis0,  Fun fact Aaron + Shawn were engaged

Not a member of Anonymous