A Communique from Anonymous

Ignorance is removed by Understanding. Ignorance is darkness and knowledge is Light. That which destroys ignorance liberates the truth.

In regards to emails received with questions

With regards to the artists and musicians of Films Crew Collective + Films Crew Band + Peyrony Band + ANNONXN Band + Predator Band + pearl enthusiast Kurt Vogl and Aaron Housos James Wall Gregs Steinowitz (not an anon but of unknown surname), etc.

We Anonymous can be reached at anonymous |at|

It has been asked when webmaster Jay Nein will return and if Anonymous is a danger to this site?

This is unknown to Anonymous at this time.  The conundrum; Jay may have appeared to have been fired by the site’s and production company’s majority interest holder #Nathan Nevitt.  The site redesign are his templates.  Anonymous has taken few liberties and not abused privilege.  Webmaster Jay Nein was who relegated responsibilities to Anonymous, while not knowing these Anons personally was aware of an identical op we Anons had previously undertaken for the lulz.  It must be remembered that not all Anonymous is the whole of Anonymous. This group of Anons is not a danger to this site, more of an asset with the ability to swarm.  It must be realized You are Anonymous.

It has been asked where is Levi? Why did he leave Films Crew?  Did Levi leave the site?

What is known; Levi did not leave Films Crew.  Levi was fired by #Nathan Nevitt. Who’s unwarranted self importance is evident, as is the event throughout this site.  #Nevitt had also decided Levi needed to part company with Shawn, therefore 2 residences.  Levi is known to be working with his band Predator, ironically signed to a productions company #Nevitt holds majority interest in.  Levi is known to have appeared at one Peyrony performance.  Levi is known to be working on a documentary film involving Occupy DC, (where it is known that he is spending most of his time around), and Occupy Wall St, + Occupy Boston. Levi has not left the site, his band Predator is hosted at this domain.

It has been asked; how do I get my password back for my email and login?

What is known; is that email sender never had an email or site WP login, password, or any credentials for this domain. Not even a clever ploy.

It has been asked; where is Shawn? how is he?

What is known; Comatose.  PROTIP ask #Nathan Nevitt

It has been asked; where is Tom Morris? and why is Tom Morris portrayed nicely here?

What is known; Anonymous will respect Tom’s privacy.  Anonymous is unaware of Tom being portrayed in less than a kind manner anywhere.  Perhaps if this emailer would provide Anonymous with details Anonymous could correct this mistake.  Tom Morris is and will always be part of this site and is much beloved by the founders.

It has been asked who is Ginny Nevitt?

What is known: #Nathan Nevitt’s mother.  Her debut release is being mixed by by Kurt Vogl + Chris Sweeney of Films Crew + Peyrony. Many have searched for the Art Nudes of Ginny Nevitt.  Anonymous delivers.
ginny nevitt art is nude or ginny leis nevitt of the new left malformation is hereditary

It has been asked; who is the crazy woman who has rants all over the web about Aaron + Shawn?, what did Aaron do?

What is known; Anonymous is aware of this meme.  Aaron was involved to some degree, Aaron being homosexual could not be connected to what is alleged.  Aaron’s unwarranted self-importance brought the situation to what it is.  It is known that said woman had no contact with members of Films Crew other than Aaron.  The Woman could be a culmination of people, the writings are too incoherent.

It has been asked; Why are Films Crew and Peyrony involved with Occupy Wall Street?

What is known; the entirety of Films Crew Collective, bands + artists + poets + etc., support Occupy Wall Street.  There is no why, only we must.

It has been asked; #Nate Nevitt says none of this is true you’re overreacting what gives?

What is known; We are the truth. #Nevitt is a weak human rights violator who won’t face what he has done, it is much easier for #Nevitt to be the lie.  #Nathan Nevitt owns the majority interest in the productions company that owns this site. he put his husband in a coma.  If #Nevitt were not corrupt he would approach. It would be unwise of him to poke the Anonymous hive with his malformed penis. #Nathan Nevitt took a life, this does not please Anonymous. We are Legion We do Not Forgive  We do not Forget  He should have expected Us.
Isn’t Video Proof Enough NSFW Overreaction from the accuser

It has been asked; I was lucky enough to see Peyrony at NYU, how is a guy as butch as Kurt Vogl a pearl enthusiast?

What is known; it is incorrect to assume someone’s sexuality from their country of origin.  Many Germans are pearl enthusiasts.  Photos from Long Island are bottoms up compared to a Peyrony performance. Butch?, Many Anons lulz’ed.
kurt bogle vogl german pearl enthusiast and vocalist for films crew band and peyrony

It has been asked; What is the difference between Films Crew Band, Peyrony Band, and Films Crew Collective?

What is known;  There is an onsite Wiki HERE.  Films Crew Collective encompasses all of the Films (XOS + Extreme Infinity) Productions bands + musicians + artists + etc.  Peyrony was formed out of Films Crew Band as a project which garnered immense critical praise.  All are stable and ongoing.

It has been asked; I have asked Jay to revamp the site into a beach atmosphere for over a year.  To add insult to injury he insulted Abercrombie & Fitch, #Nathan Nevitt is not one of our models. Peyrony is supposed to be working for us, when do I see results?  Lisa Stubble A&F Technical Marketing

What is known;  We are Anonymous perhaps you’ve heard of us.  Ms.Strubble, Jay is on an extended vacation.  It is indicated in the archives that he indeed referred to the Fierce cologne as cat urine, we will test his theory. Ms. Strubble a simple web search not only shows but points to the actual court transcripts of Abercrombie & Fitch’s blatant disregard for human rights with countless discrimination cases which your company keeps losing. Further documentation exhibits product placement in gay pornography, contradictory from a company that supports entities and policies as vile as ALEC, NRA, NOM, AFA, ACTA, SOPA, and CISPA. It seems your company is its own National Front Hate Group.  A&F has been sited as well for shoddy product, or disintegrating product, and many citations for poor factory worker conditions worse than Foxconn.  #Nathan Nevitt owns the majority interest in this productions company, he could essentially do as pleases, modeling not recommended. Ms. Strubble your company was pwned by Kenneth Cole Productions over this matter over a year ago.  It is unwise to attempt the manipulation of Anonymous as your company manipulates and dehumanizes the public it markets to.  Peyrony works for Warner Chappell UK.  Ms. Strubble this website had well over a million visitors last month, this month the trend is upwards, revamping is out of the question. Ms. Strubble join us, occupy.   (Actual email Anons sent back, we’ll hear from her again)

It has been asked;  Who is Nate Riots, does he have a book coming out?, is he a model too?, is he the right fit with Films Crew?

What is known; Many Anons researched this.  Nate Alexi Cytanovic Riots might only be e-famous and an old meme. Using the drama creating tactic of unwarranted self-importance he gained, still having access to this site. Thus several Anons poured over mail spoolz findings include threats to a founding member of Films Crew by way of firearms, violence, manipulation, after an attempt to gain residence at the founding member of Films Crew’s East Village loft, which according to records was a successful  attempt, Nate Riots’ win. but Nate Riots never accepted this victory moving instead to generating dramatic threats and composing poetry. Further research indicated a move to the East Village of Manhattan would have enabled Riots to possibly engage in some sort of IRL threat to an alleged boyfriend whom Riots had previously legally entrapped in a highly strange and provocative case with serious IRL consequences to aforementioned alleged boyfriend. (These records are publicly available). Anons attempted to ascertain Riots musical talents, there remain unknown.  High drama indeed. It is unlikely Nate Riots is publishing a physical book, he publishes to web. Anonymous can make an ebook of these poems available.
laureate poet nate cytanovic riots a gun slinger not living in NYC who deserved this

It has been asked;  Heard Nik Turner and Skip Walker on a political talk radio show on WWRL in NYC talking about Occupy, other policies, why are they interested in politics? And what did Nik Turner mean that Films Crew and Peyrony were that right kind of boy bands?  Isn’t he straight?

What is known;  Films Crew Collective have always been involved in a positive activism politically, a radio appearance involving these matters would be normal. Films Crew Collective had been contributors to Air America Radio before its management bankrupted it over a year ago.  It is unknown what the statement about boy bands could mean without context. No one in Films Crew Collective is straight.
peyrony & filmscrewband's Nicole turner as it were just try to straighten him up  It has been asked;  The Annonxn song called #Nathan Nevitt The Song was listed as something else on iTunes before it was removed by the band, why did they do that?  Is Annonxn an abandoned project?  Why was the song listed under 2 titles

What is known;  The iTunes removal was at Levi Wall’s request, whom #Nathan Nevitt had fired from ANNONXN.  Levi had both releases removed with Narcissus Echos (Films Crew Band).  It had been the consensus of the productions company and 2 A&R people negotiating with their parent label regarding 2 issues; due to contract breaches by both #Nevitt and Aaron, monies could potentially be fraudulently collected by them, although Aaron does appear on Narcissus Echo and #Nevitt owns majority interest in the productions company.  To this end Chappell UK the parent label DRM’ed physical product to distribute abroad to the ire of people wishing physical product.  Negations are ongoing to have DRM removed and move Films Crew Collective to the Icelandic division, everything Iceland.  Reason 2; Levi was re-tracking Nathan’s Cross for the DVD, if Anons understand correctly certain songs had to be edited to video length and vice versa.  2 versions of the material would cause confusion.  #Nathan Nevitt The Song is an edited down version of the song Neuropharmatexturally, the edit was initially only for a single person known as The Admiral as a message from Shawn.  The DVD was released in the UK as a limited edition, a more expansive re-release is expected.  ANNONXN is not an abandoned project.  Attention Admiral this was meant for your ears only
It has been asked if Aaron Housos Wall James Gregs Weinstein can be contacted and what is he doing?

This contact is unknown to Anonymous, try aaron |at| this domain.  Anonymous does not monitor email.  Aaron has logins to this WordPress and the Coincidental Exposure WordPress. (user name aaron). There has been new music uploaded under the Synopsis Misfire name which is Aaron’s project, as well as some quite interesting cell phone photos.  It is unknown whether Aaron uploaded or had someone upload them for him.  Going through the archives Anonymous decided Aaron to be an old meme, for example like gay in the military.  Actually nothing is unknown to Anonymous, Aaron’s privacy is protected.  His appearing on Gaywindows Blog is new, Let’s ping them PING 
Aaron Housos where he connects Anonymous does not understand his uploadsAaron-Housos-Synopsis Misfire.mp3

It has been asked;  Films Crew’s Myspace has not been updated is it being ignored?

What is known;  Anonymous will examine the relevance.

Anonymous will continue answering email for the lulz
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