1. Aaron here.  I’m going to answer some of the questions and make some things more clear from my update of a few days ago because I got a lot of questions, some of these things are hard to explain because they don’t seem like they fit together but they do and there are some things that are between two people confidentially and that has to be respected because there some people out there that don’t respect that which just means they want to manipulate the private affairs that they shouldn’t have any business in and use their big mouths to do it.  Basically if something is told to you it’s always meant to be private.  People who need to betray that trust are people that want to control a situation they aren’t a part of for their own ends.  There aren’t going to be many people you can trust in your life, those who you can trust keep close because they are the ones that have your best interests in mind, not their own.

Tom or Jon usually field and answer all the questions and explain things for us.  But right now I have to do it because I have been part of the problem.  The offensive emails and messages we get, sometimes I think I should just publish them.  They have less to do with music and more to do with our personal lives.  No we don’t have Instagram, we aren’t going to do Instagram, we would immediately be banned from Instagram.  Instagram is owned by and follows Facebook’s disastrous terms of service and privacy policies, we don’t support that kind of privacy infringement, we have you people spying on us and don’t need corporations on top of that.  We have already talked about this with our record label who agreed with our concerns. Warner Chappell Music Group has final say on what ever content we produce or publish.

If I get lucky enough to talk or meet any kind of artist who does their work under an assumed name even on social media like Periscope, it’s part of my job as an artist to respect that.  It’s more than just a professional courtesy, sometimes it’s protecting their safety depending on what their art is.  You don’t run to Twitter and put them on blast because you could be putting them at risk.  This is something that in recent days happened and as strange as it may seem I didn’t cause it.  But I have been harassed about it, and you nosy people that can’t behave on social media are out of your minds if you think I’m going to give up a name.  It’s somebody you don’t know personally that has never done anything to you, you just want to gossip about somebody and drag them, that’s just cruel.  Even if this artist had done something of value for me, it still wouldn’t matter because you still want to gossip and drag them.  Maybe some day somebody puts your secrets on blast on social media and lets see how you handle it.  Truth is most of you don’t respect confidentiality so why even pretend to be anyone’s friend when you’re just a big mouth snitch.  When you see or hear an artist that doesn’t mean you know them or anything about them or that you ever will.  There are times that artists get stalked and threatened like we have been to where I’m going to have some empathy for that situation.

I had called Name Redacted out on Twitter for needing empathy lessons when most of you need them but most of you need lessons in something called loyalty.  So few of you have loyalty and the next shiny new person that you come across you forget your loyalties to the people that have been loyal to you.  Makes my head spin.  And because I got so many questions about it, I can explain why I can call out Name Redacted on empathy and how that might be justified, I’ve got some insight there.  Name Redacted is someone close to SZ, I’ve been in the room when they’ve talked, it gets deep, and that’s something that doesn’t happen often between two people so it’s fantastic and you don’t have to put a label on it.  My loyalty is to SZ, I was hoping Name Redacted’s empathy wouldn’t be eclipsed by any insecurities he has.  What I said had no context to it and now it does.  And due to some recent events and that Name Redacted and I have a mutual interest in SZ means I have some amount of loyalty to Name Redacted even if we don’t talk much, we don’t need to because what’s going on is none of my business.  I wanted to bring that to Name Redacted’s attention because I don’t want SZ hurt, he’s strong, he’s brave but he’s been through so much.  Name Redacted is lucky to have that love, I wanted to make sure he knows that I wanted to make sure that he’s gotta love back.  Why is this important to me?  Because I have breached SZ’s trust, I have hurt him in ways I shouldn’t have and knew better and I don’t want to see somebody else do it. This got blown out of proportion, it was my fault I apologize.

I also need to apologize for my anger over some of the stupid questions about SZ’s possible taking time off and probably saying more than I should about his personal business which he himself explained HERE without being vague.  Obviously it’s a personal situation between him and somebody else, what he did tell me is that the other person involved doesn’t even know the situation exists and he did not tell me who the other person was.  What he did say was that taking time off would spare the band of being dragged through what ever could come out of the situation.  He stated as much when he posted it.  IT IS NOT VAGUE.  SZ is the most special person I’ve ever known and I’ve done some terrible things in even our relationship as it is now, I’ve taken advantage of his generosity, I’ve behaved in ways that have reflected badly on him, I’ve taken advantage of the idea that he will always be there for me and that has caused us to grow apart in some ways.  A lot of people ask why we broke up and if there is any resentment there.  We broke up because of my insecurities which caused me to do some really hurtful things because my insecurities seemed bigger than my love for him.  I have no problem admitting the reasons because I need to keep facing my own demons to overcome them.  Since most of this took place in the public eye, we can review it here quickly.  SZ and I fell in love through our friendship after he had some time to mend from that terrorist abuser Nathan.  I never considered myself gay and I never considered SZ as gay, because of this I did some typical things people do when they think they need to be in the closet, I’d lie to people about us being lovers when there were pictures out there of us making out.  I’d pull back from him sometimes even if I knew he needed me because I was afraid of a label being put on me.  I was so insecure with myself that I cheated on him, we all remember this and I’ll tell you why.  I didn’t cheat on him with a female, we all remember Kenton, I cheated on him with a male because I was so insecure that just for once I wanted to be the person with the bigger dick and I don’t have a small one and I wanted to do it all in secret.  This was outright betrayal of all of the trust SZ had in me, it hurt him, he didn’t understand it because he doesn’t deal with superficial things about people and especially the people he loves.  We all know that I have ADD and that can lead to some destructive behavior and it did so I get treatment.  Because of my insecurities and ego I took the person I loved the most who I took for granted and destroyed not just him but myself.  I took a leave from the band and it was SZ that asked me back.  He wasn’t going to give up on all of the things we had built together, we are close even if we are drifting in different directions sometimes.  He is a bigger person than I am in more ways than one.  We aren’t saying I’m small here, a RNC Trump delegate who plastered my nudes on the web a few days ago doesn’t think so.

What are we doing?  That’s a hard question.  We are re-recording our first release, which is why you are hearing the radio edits of some of the tracks on the site right now.  We weren’t the ones who had approval of the final mixes or mastering, the label was.  So songs that were 7 or 8 minutes long were edited down to be radio friendly and they weren’t meant for radio from the beginning.  We don’t even have the original raw files, the drives and back up drives were all handed over to the label.  Our management filed an injunction on our behalf to our label which they respected and we got to pull our releases because we were able to prove damages to future career for us and the label.  We don’t remember how everything went in those original recordings, but there are things we want to change since the label had wanted us to change some of the content.  SZ had pushing for us to try expand our abilities and wanted to put some different elements into the Peyrony project so during the tour last summer we did a live recording of that.  I don’t know if or when it will be released.  We did a big tour and are all different locations now because of school and other commitments, but we are working.  Are we doing videos?  We might, all of our videos were hit by censors and banned for North America and if we do more I don’t think we would change up how we’d work on that and I’m not the one who does any work on them, so they’d probably stay with the same themes and the puritans will ban them.  There is a multi-camera live festival full length show that was shot in August or September and that would be a DVD release and I don’t have details on the status of that.

I still need to further state that I am not an male escort for the RNC. just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true.  I’ve been doing a lot drum session work and drum workshops that would leave too little time for escorting and I don’t sleep around.  The French man whose name might be Richard who is a troll that could be my dad, with a cult following of Nazis on Periscope that I foolishly let engage me to let me see the light of conservatism because I foolishly thought that I could catch him because he is stalking teenagers, giving location info on other people that use Periscope and digging up things in their personal lives he shouldn’t have any access to, what he is doing is illegal and he is a lawyer or so he says.  I fucked up, but it’s not because of me he has this information and now he has information on my family.  I got bored during on vacation on the holidays and after watching the French man’s Periscope antics, his bashing of Name Redacted to get to SZ who he bashed harder.  I wanted to see what was inside of this group of idiots on Periscope that call themselves the alt right, but they’re really Republican Nazis.  I watched them, I chatted with them and they are the most uneducated people I’ve ever come across.  And I did this all on that app Periscope.  I’m not really involved on Periscope but I started noticing a pattern where these alt right Nazi bigots would troll random Periscopes. I wanted to infiltrate them and I did for the most part but it becomes a circle back to the French man or Richard if that’s his name who plastered my nudes on the internet because I was playing detective.  I didn’t endanger anybody else, but it could make the band look bad even though I’ve been nude before.  I did get his attention redirected for awhile but he checks this site. I’ll have to keep him entertained, up for it Richard if that’s your name?  The one thing I’ll apologize for with the nudes is that I wasn’t trimmed.

And these questions about whether we’re doing Periscope.  It’s really not up to us, our label ok’ed our being there, but content is up to their approval. SZ can lose control over the account he’s using, and Warner Music Group can produce content, we’re under contract.  This happened with the band Twitter, but a lot of that was my fault.  We would probably get banned from Periscope for content.  So it’s all up in the air and we want to use real cameras and that involves something else from Periscope.  SZ originally wanted to burn a Gays for Trump flag and our management and the label shot that down immediately.  These are people that don’t understand there are a couple of straight bro Republican party operatives being gay characters on a highly produced Periscope, so who’s really burning a gay flag here?  After the alt right Nazis get through with Periscope what’s going to be left of Periscope?  There is enough drama on Periscope between Periscope people that you’d think they were all You Tube divas. That’s what could destroy Periscope more than the alt right Nazis.

And these questions about the site hack.  I can’t answer a lot of those,  things were erased and between 2 webmasters at different times we lost some content. Our mail servers weren’t touched, but our database driven things were. Nathan fired Jay and wanted someone else, so content is with that person and out of date. SZ wanted Jay back when Jay came back Nathan fired him again and they were over.  Then David from Occupy was taking care of it, before Jay came back again. So it is being worked on.  SZ has never posted updates or articles to this part of the site, he has his own section and I like that.  That had been a process of SZ giving updates to Jon or someone and it would get up that way.  I would do a lot of updates but I didn’t have back ups of them. So did Levi, Kurt, and Nik.  Most of the music we have back ups of and will be back up.  Levi would know more about the videos I think.  And Levi or anyone else can add to this update. A lot of this would be easier if Nathan hadn’t started firing people or pursuing a relationship with someone 11 years younger.  Let’s review who Nathan fired, he fired me, Chris came in.  He fired Levi, Nik came in.  He fired Chris, Kurt came in.  Logan came in from a project Levi started but had been friends and played with us before.  This should be in our Wiki that none of us have access to.

More updates to come A+

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