Aaron here. We haven’t forgotten about you, throughout the controversies over the last year involving other people, the Alt-Right hauntings, alien spottings. Gays for Trump (oxymoron), school schedules, Levi in his own world, My ever changing hair colors, Shawn’s now dark and light blonde hair with more 8 string guitars than he can escape, that very pretty boy is a very hard and very conscientious worker and friend. The carnage wrought by the events surrounding last recording, caused us to retreat into our new forum, if you’re a member, you already know, it’s like our version of Only Fans.  The last recording did work out well for us, there’s more of it, we’ll be doing some roll out of some very limited runs.  Interestingly none of you bright listeners have figured out the title of the album, but some have come close, whoever figures that out, I’ll let you have a night with SZ, or the both of us.  We are in pre-production for something a little different, there is a series of recordings from a few years back, tat were entirely experimental in nature, which we are going to recreate, likely as a release, as usual, it will be Films Crew under a nom de plume, keep your ears open Post Marxists. I know I’m not supposed to post any picture because, Chris?, or say his name, or something, is he silencing my free speech? I’m no Daniel. But I can’t resist here, its too cute.



Listen closely

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About Aaron Housos James

A founding member of FilmsCrewBand, Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist and mental health advocate and political activist, with an excellent work ethic.
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