An Anonymous Communique


We chose the task of rebuilding and updating this website as an autonomous operation.  We were not unwelcome.  Your webmaster Jay will return, he appears to be taking time off.  It is unlikely that he will correct many of these updates, adapt to the new directory structure, they were not malicious, we could only process the mass of raw data we had obtained.  There is more data.  Having no contact with the musicians, artists, poets, authors, contributors, spokespeople, or webmaster for context allows for a free flow of information.  Anonymous will never condone the concept of individuals being silenced. Unfortunately this happened. We and YOU must give them a voice.  The musicians, bands, artists, etc., know we are here, our motive, and what little they can do about it.  We encourage all other contributors here to contribute. Our policy is non-interference in communication.  Anonymous will clarify, yes Nathan Nevitt Austin Tx, Rocklin Ca, New York Ny is one of the official owners of this website and production company with complete administrator credentials, any statement to the contrary is a falsehood. To the rest of the Collective: Rise Up.  A video will clarify.  WATCH HERE

About site updates HERE This will be continually updated during the updates

Anonymous loves YOU
We are Legion  We do not forgive  We do not forget
Expect Us

A Communique from Logan Harris
Anonymous, thank you for the breaking news concerning the corruption regarding tattoo-gate, in which I play a part.  I have taken the situation into consideration, while I won’t permanently ink myself, I do have an absurd obsessiveness with a constantly changing array of non-permanent ones. This points to something unnerving in my psyche.

A Communique from Anonymous M17
Someone just accused us of making Propaganda! OMG! The entire plan is foiled.  We hope when all is said and done, you can look at the facts as we lay them out and connect the dots to reach the same conclusions we did.


About Levi Dennis Wall

Levi D Wall, the often opinionated though well meaning bassist for FilmsCrewBand and one of the core original members. Levi is frequently found immersed in video editing and film classes. His own recording project is Predator Band.
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