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Krista Margaret Kumpf should you Google yourself, two of us in Films Crew @filmscrewband would like you to find this.  We are joined in solidarity by Andrew Self, Kurt Vogl, Jay Nein.  And no, Shawn isn’t a part of this, he has no knowledge we’ve done this, nor does he have a login to this section of the site.  However, Christopher  does, and he has the capabilities to remove this entry.

Krista Kumpf, you blocked Shawn on the Periscope app, and on Twitter, inadvertently reporting both his personal and the band account to Twitter.  Krista Kumpf, you did this after trying to worm your way into Shawn’s life with the charm of someone suffering from borderline personality disorder, and as such people do, left damage in their wake.  You not only knew of Shawn’s losses, you knew of his financial status, you also knew of the close relationship he keeps with Christopher, Krista Kumpf, you used these vulnerabilities to attempt to tear asunder that relationship.  We know this was your intent, other parties, including Christopher have verified this.  Now we require an explanation.  Actually we are demanding an explanation. Krista Kumpf, what you did to Shawn was outright lie to him, knowing the set of circumstances he was under, to use him in order to curry favor with Cameron  Krista Kumpf this behavior indicative of sociopathy.

Krista Kumpf, during this initial period you were living with a boyfriend as a woman in her 30’s, in a relationship we can only assume you were less than truthful in as you had an obsession with an infatuation with an 18 year old young man, which makes you both a cheater and somewhat of a pederast.  All the while with the full realization that Cameron and Shawn were developing a very special relationship, which you intended to undermine.  Krista Kumpf, we have already established the fact that you are a stranger to the truth and are willing to endanger others.

Krista Kumpf also during this period you stated that Aaron Housos James engaged in high school drama.  We must say this is quite the claim.  This is not the reputation Aaron has, he is known as quite the consummate professional young man.  Also during this period you made several homophobic remarks on Periscope, even though you seem to laugh this off as something that never happened, yet it did.  Also during this period during one of your Periscopes, Aaron not only heard you say derogatory things about Shawn while you were allegedly his friend, Aaron recorded them, indeed they are not kind.  Krista Kumpf, while you accuse others of acting out as juveniles, the truth is that Krista Kumpf acts out as a juvenile. Krista Kumpf, blocking people on social media that you had somehow manipulated into thinking they were your friends, Krista that is the very essence of high school drama.  Krista Kumpf, you do this in such way, that no one can determine your rhyme or reason, but in this case we are certain that it is sheer manipulation.  Krista Kumpf, you weaseled your way into Shawn’s life obtaining a great deal of personal information, then condemned him in your efforts to isolate Christopher.  We are aware Krista that you have said derogatory things about Shawn To Christopher.  Why is this Krista Kumpf?  Is this out of some desperation for a woman in her 30’s to control a 19 year old young man?, as we see it there is no other answer.  We also realize that you have complete and total disregard for what hurt or harm your actions have caused.  Keep in mind Krista Kumpf, your actions harm Christopher as well, however we realize that your control over any given situation is more important, than the person you will control.  We realize this is all a joke or game to you.  We are interested in why you chose to interfere with Shawn Walker’s and Christopher’s relationship, which had no bearing on you.  Of course Christopher had made reassurances that he loved Shawn steadfastly, and that Christopher saw Shawn as the only person he would want to live with.  Krista Kumpf, even Christopher  has made the claims that you are unstable and prone to lying, are you going to call Christopher a liar in return?  We can post screenshots at your convenience.

Krista Kumpf, we have no intention of making a gross display of this matter of yours on social media, however, we are sure that when you stumble upon this, you will make a gross display regarding this on social media, as well as further manipulating Christopher and further condemning members of this band. (with this, please keep in mind Krista, that Christopher is considered a member of Films Crew Collective, by his own volition, it was something he wanted, he also has 10% parity in this website).  Also keep in mind that a gross display on social media could well involve you in a case Fraud, as Christopher has misrepresented himself  Krista Kumpf, you must realize that your actions on social media will say far more about you than it does us.  Please keep in mind Krista, there are others out there with these concerns about you, and we have spoken to them.  We are also not concerned by your tales of woe regarding abuse, considering Aaron was severely beaten by a step father, left for dead in a trash into be picked up by solid waste, or that he was forced to sleep in the family backyard, locked in closets, starved, brainwashed by religious zealots, (we could go on), with therapy he’s broken the cycle abuse, we can’t same the same for you Krista Kumpf, your actions are those of an abuser.  You see Krista Kumpf, you alone are largely irrelevant, where you become relevant is though Christopher, and your actions regarding this inappropriately aged obsession that has had a ripple effect through our structure, (which he considers himself a part of, we can produce documentation at your convenience) in his treatment towards Shawn and Aaron, which we are aware you have manipulated.  We must remind you Krista Kumpf that this structure is a business even though the website itself operates as a non-profit due to certain political activism.  Krista Kumpf you can complain and threaten us to your heart’s content about being mentioned in such a manner, our management’s legal team has assured us we are in the clear, aside from having the truth on our side.  Although we understand your social engineering tools of choice are manipulation and harassment.  Krista Kumpf, isn’t social engineering what landed you here?, of course it is.  It’s very simple Krista Kumpf you intentionally abused members of this band, and did so maliciously.  While we probably won’t get the explanation we are demanding simply be stating that it is required, it wouldn’t wise to force our hand Krista Margaret Kumpf.

The following data was pulled from Shawn’s phone back ups after requested by our management

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