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Communique by and for Anonymous: Peyrony + Films Crew + Site Updates

M1GS   #OccupyWallStreetNYC  May 1st General Strike Support

To Anonymous’ surprise, this site surpassed a million visitors last month.  More surprising, searches for ‘Nude Pictures of Ginny Nevitt’  Anonymous will work with due diligence to fulfill this request.  Pearl Enthusiast Kurt Vogl of Peyrony and Films Crew has been at work creating Ginny Nevitt’s first limited edition CD release backed by the music of Peyrony, Levi’s Predator Band, + Abandoned Halos.   More HERE

New from Peyrony Band (Films Crew Collective) Recordings during #Occupations
Upcoming: Bending Around The Break CD (Limited vinyl + cassette), (Some say cassette tape is the new vinyl -> points to ‘Pearl Enthusiast’ Kurt Vogl’s notes from Germany.

Song will be back up after some of the traffic dies down, Skip, Chris, Kurt, Levi, Logan, and the rest of Peyrony will be overwhelmed when they hear of their audience’s response. A download page will be up for you ASAP. We send loves to Amanda. Anonymous

Peyrony: Lost Our Way:
One Way.   Don’t cross us off.    Weak.  And losses too.  We have lost our way.   Why wait to end it all.   From the sky stepped I.   Back from distant ruin.   Crashed it now, don’t run.      Decide, downside why?   Pray that’s on its way now.  Crashing down by you.  Until they wave the charge, we have gone back home.
An Anonymous Communique

 Kurt Bogle Vogl peyronies band sticky pearl enthusiast

Kurt Vogl Peryony Band

Anonymous + The Members of Films Crew Collective have denounced the new CISPA + the renewed SOPA + ACTA Legislations.  These so-called reforms are Censorship.  Contact your legislative representatives.

Attach yourself to what you feel to be true. Begin there. Every insurrectional process starts from a truth that we refuse to give up.  Be evasive. Be confusing. Be different. Be untracable. Be unfound. Be unpredictable. Be safe. And most of all: Sail Strong!

About Levi Dennis Wall

Levi D Wall, the often opinionated though well meaning bassist for FilmsCrewBand and one of the core original members. Levi is frequently found immersed in video editing and film classes. His own recording project is Predator Band.
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