Aaron here.  I need to update this for clarity.  There are so many frustrations in the ranks of Films Crew, not with each other, just with the state affairs that we can’t control.  I’m making some apologies for that.  We are obviously living in fear of a new administration, and the other issues are personal, ranging from how poisonous social media is, to some personal concerns about each other, because we care about each other. I may appear to be antagonistic towards Name Redacted, or he may think so, but it’s not true, I’m grateful he’s with us.   This is a misunderstanding because of my protective nature with SZ.  Name Redacted and SZ share something special, something that could be amazingly productive and emotionally rewarding, I’ve wanted it to be understood by the both of them that these types of relationships won’t happen in most peoples’ lives, they need to make the most of it.  Of course I’m envious of it, more importantly I support it.  I may have underestimated Name Redacted’s capacity to understand what SZ has been through, I may have underestimated Name Redacted’s empathy, I have a habit of being a little too honest, which may have been misunderstood.  I apologize for that, even if that perspective is sometimes needed.  In all of the complexity we have to deal with everyday, we all have our insecurities, and if you’re really lucky, you might have someone in your life at the end of the day, that will take your insecurities away wanting you for who you are, not an idea of who you are.  I understand why SZ has referred to himself as a novelty, it saddens me regardless of its reality, that even I have been guilty of treating him as that at times.  To make things clear, appreciate the people who love you, break through the fear of it.  Love each other

Aaron Housos James of filmscrewband

Aaron here.  Maybe Name Redacted will Intervene on INTERVENTION HERE when he is through with his highly secretive undercover assignment, (he was up to something unsavory) to weigh in on the Alt Right.  Why bother to make that sound polite, the Alt Right are no more than Neo Nazis, trying to put a positive spin on that is idiotic, why can’t they come out of the closet and just say they are Neo Nazis? They bitch about a PC culture, but they use the term Alt Right which is PC for Neo Nazi.  Maybe Name Redacted has the answers for that irony.

That’s not what I came to discuss today.  I came to discuss Alternatively, Not Right, as in common decency, something that’s in short supply and some other updates.  I normally do what I say I’m going to do, because if I don’t I’ll be disappointing people showing them disregard and it leaves those people to say Aaron is unreliable, worse is when I’ve said I’d do something and gotten distracted by something sort of shady and I didn’t deliver, praying no one would find out why I was absent, I learned they always find out, you always give youself away, by then you’re in over your head with lies and you’ve lost those people.

Let’s talk about greeting card holidays and other events, we just had one.  We, as in the band are all separated right now, but so is everyone else in a pretty abstract sense, your best friends are online, if you’re really lucky you may have contact with them offline.  Yesterday I made sure to call the people in the band I’m close to, and sent Levi and SZ gifts, SZ got more of my attention of course, but these kinds of things are important to maintain your relationships.  If you don’t put some effort into them, they know that they aren’t important to you.  Like SZ’s birthday last month, I’ve never seen such a lackluster display of no affection from people that rely on him daily, it made me apopleptic.  Not getting into specifics but he had a really rough year bleeding into this one.  Because of SZ’s and my history that got lived out in public there’s only so much I can do without opening some still healing wounds, but there was a lot I could do and did.  He did the same for me.  This is not some plea for attention from the people who listen to us because we don’t want that, it is more of a plea to treat the people in your lives like there is no tomorrow, because sometimes there is not.  As usual I have one or two people in mind when I write an update but it can be applied to all of you.  So don’t neglect or take advantage of the people important to you, or they aren’t going to be there, and keep your eyes on that road and not looking at the people you pass by as a shiny step up in the world, they aren’t.  Keep your commitments.

Waiting in the studio the other night between sessions, I had texts going on with SZ and an unnamed Periscoper, who was getting me all excited about a political Periscope he was going to do last night, which didn’t happen because of the importance of his laundry, although I know he was up to something shady, this is an example of reliability I was talking about, if I pulled something like that I’d never hear the end of it.  The texts with SZ turned into a couple of calls even though he was waiting for another call.  There was some discussion of some published emails the site received and the fall out from that which comes in a human form. Those emails have been removed but what came out of them is still going on. SZ just started writing on his part of the site recently, and what he contributes is always insightful, and someone put the pieces together of what he was getting across, (everyone understood it except an unnamed Periscoper). What this means, is there is someone new, in route to a member of Films Crew, who will take strays home.  Prime example, me, I was a stray and we can all see where I am.  The situation comes down to appealing to someone’s weaknesses, and it was nailed in a perfect storm.  The emails were very clever, they were insistent that SZ write something about someone else, but knowing SZ would publish the emails, SZ didn’t have to write anything, their case was stated in their emails, this was some masterful manipulation.  And in their strange need for us to “Cancel” Name Redacted, they decided to dump a replacement with SZ  who is supposed to be a better Name Redacted, appealing to SZ on an emotional level that I would call exploitation.  This puts us in an awkward position. If we do nothing, we are as despicable as the emailers and that has a public face on it now.  But a sudden new roommate for SZ seems more perilous to me.  Granted there is some room for improvement for Name Redacted and he’s way more appropriate than some grubby handed replacement with dirty fingernails.  But when I hear “I think I love him”, I just want to ask him how cold his heart is, tell him to stop putting labels on things. Either you love someone or you don’t, face your demons. You’re going to lose the person that loves you, shut the fuck up and do something.  If I said Name Redacted, “I think I want to be your friend, I’m not sure, I don’t know what it means, I’m insecure, I’ve got to put a label on it before I can think about it”, I would never be allowed to live that down, so there’s hypocrisy at work. I don’t like any of this because the appeal that has been made to SZ has gotten his attention. it’s just the kind of thing trolls him in, and it could be dangerous.  My points about Name Redacted, are just used as examples, I really do like him, and because I do, here me dude, wake the fuck up.

We’ve been asked about tour dates for the European summer festivals.  I can only answer with very little information that has more to do with politics than music.  Most of the festivals are being booked now, but you’re not going to see as many American bands touring Europe, some of the bigger names will be there.  Europeans are holding American’s responsible for Trump, and this makes for a political climate that affects music, a lot of American bands won’t be welcome until something political changes.  Obviously we have nothing but contempt for the administration and consider resistance the only option, but that doesn’t get us booked.  The Trump administration is having a negative impact on our jobs, so his being a jobs president is pure hypocrisy.  To make matters worse, UKIP and its brother white supremacist organizations in Europe have gotten emboldened since Trumps election and have targeted music festivals.  We have been offered a few dates, we don’t know how feasible they will be.  So it might be that we won’t tour this year, we really can’t say at this time, and if we have enough dates it will probably be last minute.  We did an exhaustive tour last year, just months ago, and were supposed to have time off, but we started recording, we have school schedules, so we’re waiting it out.  So what do you have to look forward to?  SZ and I spent quite a bit of time improvising which we recorded, all of it was structured, a couple of tracks have been up for all of you, there will be more.  Those recordings were also what a series of recordings SZ did are based on, which the label wants to release and SZ does not, a couple of those tracks have been featured on his section of the site, it looks like there will be a limited edition vinyl release maybe this year. Also coming out of those recordings is a new Films Crew track, which we are going to have an edited version of on the site, it will probably be released on vinyl sometime this year.  We had planned on taking some time off, but all of you are keeping us busy.  There had been talk of a podcast with Name Redacted and SZ, which I hope happens. It needs to happen.

That unnamed Periscoper went on to embarrass himself commenting on another Periscoper’s broadcast by being a fanboy and completely ignoring the other Periscoper’s intent and subtext of his broadcast about how toxic people can be, another fine double standard at work here.  Periscope has become toxic regardless of politics, it’s broadcast narcissism by attention whores.  There are so few genuine people on Periscope that it’s like watching a train wreck of mental illness, where you can actually see how hypocritical and shallow people can be.

Am I happy about any of this? NO.  It’s frustrating to witness blatant hypocrisy around me by the people who point out everyone else’s hypocrisy.  It’s frustrating to see how screwed up peoples’ priorities are.  It’s frustrating that a stray is arriving, it could change everything.

PSA 1:  If you have pets, make sure your neighbors use pet safe pesticides and rodent control

PSA 2:  Gays for Trump, shut the fuck up

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A founding member of FilmsCrewBand, Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist and mental health advocate and political activist, with an excellent work ethic.
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