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There’s a voice missing from my life…


Can you bring it back to me, monster?

Something makes me doubt it..

Post-script by Levi D. Wall
Nathan Nevitt’s elaborate web of lies will collapse around him, this is a thing he can’t control. shoud he try the facts are not on his side, his web can’t be maintained. He pleaded to be believed and he was, only plunge who believed him into the world of darkness of a coma. Nathan Nevitt is responsible for these things, his actions, his abuse, he is not the hand of God, he knows no God.  Who wasn’t straightforward Nathan Nevitt?, I would be a frightened thing if I were you, the truth you didn’t want told and demanded not be, will be told.

Nathan Nevitt A Message

What I found among the things of the life Nathan destroyed. I photographed these things, there are a lot of things.

Welcome Amanda, we are not restrained. We all want to see injustices corrected, but it is not a thing that happens overnight.
Predator Band

Predator Video from The upcoming ANNONXN DVD

There are some videos things we all can’t wait to see, I’ll be editing shortly, the subject is a bent thing

I was asked to be on Facebook for 96 hours, the networked narcissistic hive mind of clones and Republicans. There must be  a cure for that thing.  With Jay out ill, where is that Tom Morris?  Maybe it is time for an older man, this thing called love should I declare it to the Tea-bagging Glenn Beck acolyte, Danny Nevitt?  What you’ve been missing, ask your brother.  Don’t be afraid Mr. Nevitt,

Was this thing a phone message or a robo call, and is it Ginny Nevitt?
Is It Ginny Nevitt
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Don’t look HERE

PERYONY The Package APC Re-work Live  DOWNLOAD

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